15 Funny Poodle Memes That Will Make Your Day!

Since about the 15th century, beautiful dogs with curly hair have appeared in European court portraits. Even then, the poodle was an invariable attribute of the royal courts and a luxury item. Only monarchs could keep these dogs – hence the well-established name of the largest variety of this breed – the royal poodle. However, one should not think that these beauties were bred exclusively for aesthetic pleasure. No, they were faithful assistants in hunting for water games, and besides, poodles successfully coped with security functions. It is believed that they even served in the royal guard.

But experts still cannot decide on the country of origin, although most researchers point to Germany, because the word “poodle” comes from the German “puddeln”, which means “to paddle on water.” That is, the name directly indicates that initially, they were all the same duck hunters. However, other experts argue that the poodle is a French breed.

We have compiled for you a selection of memes about this wonderful breed!

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