16 Awesome Gifts for Brittany Spaniel Lovers

This athletic, hard-working sporting dog draws attention with his thick, luxurious coat in a bold pattern of white with orange or reddish-brown. Brittanys are fast, energetic, and agile dogs with a compact, rugged frame. They are attentive upland hunting partners and lively playmates back at the homestead. This medium-size breed makes a friendly, loving pet for active families. Looking for a gift for Brittany lovers? Here you can find some of the best.

  1. This handsome dog was named after a province in northwestern France. Alert and even-tempered, Brittanys make excellent hunting companions. With their cheerful and very friendly personalities, they also make delightful household pets. Those who admire these beautiful dogs will enjoy this wonderful Brittany's square wall calendar. Includes a free download of the DogDays™ app for the smartphone and tablet, which grants access to the world's most captivating dog photos and backgrounds, fun puzzles, and a calendar featuring your favorite furry friends.

  2. Introducing the most convenient Christmas decoration out! This dual-purpose Doghouse Ornament comes fully equipped with a magnetic backing making it not only an adorable item on your tree but a handy magnet you can use all year round.

  3. This weathervane is made of 16 gauge steel and then powder coated copper for many years of use. Easy to mount and made in the USA! Size is approx. 21 x 21 x 57 inches when mounted on the garden pole.

  4. Need to spice up your walls with a dash of color? This vibrant and colorful Brittany Spaniel Print will complement any spot in your home.

    Bare walls are drab and don't capture anyone's attention. But they don't have to be when you display this stunningly colored Brittany Spaniel Art by Ron Krajewski.

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