16 Great Gifts, Merchandise & Products for Tibetan Spaniel lovers

Tibetan Spaniel Art displays the distinctive features of the breed. The breed history, traits, and characteristics that make the Tibetan Spaniel unique are highlighted. Whether the art is meant for the Tibetan Spaniel mom or dad, their four paws family member can be showcased as art. Shopping for a dog portrait, wall decor, a remembrance, or a unique gift? This art print will be appreciated by the Tibetan Spaniel Dog Lover. Need a present for a Special Occasion? We got it!

  1. Unlike jewelry that is poorly made by printing designs onto stickers and clinging them onto the metal, we handcraft all our pieces with stainless steel and shatterproof glass which provides a solid, water-resistant seal, which brings out the true colors and details of it.

  2. Using our detailed, specie specific, hand painted Tiny One's figurines; we carefully mount a gold-tone eyelet and gold tone cord so you can display your favorite specie anywhere, like your Christmas tree, or rear view mirror. Each figurine is wearing a warm winter scarf, which can be removed in the summer!

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