16 Best Basset Memes to Set the Mood

Since the Basset Hounds have evolved as herd animals, they feel the need for a company and are very happy to have their family around them. They are not good guard dogs. Although they may bark, they can cheerfully greet strangers. Saggy lips contribute to significant drooling, and many owners spread towels throughout the house for cleaning. Left on their own, Bassetts can easily learn to bark and dig irritably. Bassetts are quite intelligent dogs, but they are not easy to train. You need to start training from an early age and give them a lot of positive exercises to get them interested. They love to watch and hunt, even if this is their usual pastime. Grooming is fairly simple and involves brushing once or twice a week. Bassets can bring a lot of dirt into the house in between brushing due to their short stature and large feet.
And now we invite you to browse a selection of memes about these dogs!

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