16 Best Gifts for Bernese Mountain Dog Parents

Dogs are so easy to love, and when they come as big and fluffy as Berners, it’s even easier. Packed with Bernese Mountain Dog gifts to suit everyone, this list holds clothes, jewelry, books, and even a doggy-shaped cookie cutter to satisfy even the most discerning of Berner parents and families.

  1. No matter what dog you have, the chances are you’re going to find their hair in the kitchen. Berners are known for their beautiful fluffy appearance, which of course means that it will be everywhere. If you know someone lucky enough to own one, this is the tea towel for them.

  2. How beautiful is this weather vane? Made from powder-coated steel, this magnificent copper colored beast can sit on top of a roof or be displayed in the garden, and features a real working weathervane that pivots on a sturdy pin. Alternatively, the top only is available as a separate purchase.

  3. Most dog owners think their pets are sweet enough to eat, but if you know one who has a Bernese mountain dog, why not turn words into actions with this cute cookie cutter? Made from dishwasher-safe plastic, every cookie made will bear the adorable face of this big, fluffy dog.

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