14 Books Every Bernese Mountain Dog Owner Should Read

Bernese Mountain Dogs are good-natured dogs and faithful helpers. They get along excellently with every member of the family, and kids are condescendingly forgiving any leprosy. Patience and poise have made the Berns almost ideal pets. They are not capricious in learning and learn commands easily. In addition, they inherited excellent watchdog skills from their ancestors, which they use with pleasure whenever the opportunity arises.

Molossians are considered to be the distant ancestors of today’s Sennenhund, which were bred by the ancient Romans. Representatives of this breed were considered versatile dogs since each individual combined fighting, herding, and guard qualities. Molossians accompanied the Romans on military campaigns, which helped the dogs get to the Alps and leave offspring on the territory of modern Switzerland, which gave rise to the ancestral branch of the Sennenhund.

Just keep reading and find a perfect book for yourself.

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