16 Delightful Gifts for Vizsla Lovers

  1. We’ve captured the eager, high-energy essence of the breed in our Vizsla pendant. Featuring an outline of the dog’s profile, the Hungarian Pointer charm shows the Viszla with a square and deep muzzle, strong neck, firm backline, and well-extended legs, as if ready to break into a fast, far-reaching trot after a rabbit in the woods.

  2. Hungarian Vizsla Dabbing Funny Baby Onesie Bodysuit Cute Dog Gift. These Vizsla baby clothes feature a funny design showing a Vizsla dog doing the popular dab dance move - makes a great Vizsla baby shower gift idea for Vizsla lovers.

  3. Vizsla Dog Mom - Doggie by breed - muddy brown paw prints - doggy lover - proud mama pet owner love Ornament is a perfect addition to your tree or as a window decoration.

    • Material: 100% Polyester (cotton-like gauze fabric). Super soft, nonscratch, lightweight, breathable. Suitable for all seasons.
    • Dimensions: 35'' X 70''. It comes in infinity/loop style. Perfect to double loop and makes a more full look.
    • Great Christmas, holiday, birthday, party gift for family members, friends, dog lovers, or owners.
    • Cool iron, hand wash cold, do not bleach, dry flat.

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