16 Luxury Gifts for Vizsla Owners and Lovers

A fantastic selection of luxury gift ideas perfect for any Vizsla owner or lover, with 16 different dog-themed gifts to choose from. Any of the items below would make a fantastic dog lover gift or why not just treat yourself. For more information about each item please see full descriptions below.

  1. Also known as Hungarian Pointers, Vizslas are highly energetic, intelligent dogs that always want to please. These wonderful hunting dogs are very friendly and affectionate. And what a pleasure it is to stroke that gorgeous rusty-gold coat! Admirers of this esteemed breed are sure to enjoy this Vizslas square wall calendar.

    • Your tumbler will always feel smooth to the touch with a sweat-free design, An electro-polished interior will ensure your cups remain pure and rust-free, imparting NO unwanted flavors, giving you a clean tasting drink every time!

  2. Looking for the perfect Vizsla Art to brighten any room?

    Need to spice up your walls with a dash of color? This vibrant and colorful Vizsla Print will complement any spot in your home.

  3. Vizsla Art displays the distinctive features of the breed. The breed history, traits, and characteristics that make the Vizsla unique are highlighted. Whether the art is meant for the Vizsla mom or dad, their four paws family member can be showcased as art. Shopping for a dog portrait, wall decor, a remembrance, or a unique gift? This art print will be appreciated by the Vizsla Dog Lover. Need a present for a Special Occasion? We got it!

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