16 Funny Poodle Memes That Will Make Your Day Muсh Better!

Today it is officially recognized that the birthplace of the poodle is France. However, the ancestors of poodles did not live there. Images similar to them were found on the coins of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, on some Italian structures, ancient paintings were found, in the plot of which dogs resembling poodles were present. Little is known about the formation of the breed, but in the 16th century, these dogs suddenly became incredibly popular. In the era of Baroque and Rococo, every noble house had to have a poodle, the first statesmen and noble persons throughout Europe kept these dogs, pampered them, and took them with them on trips. You can read about the sweet life of poodles in many books of that era; masters immortalized them in painting, sculpture, and even music.

The name of the breed is supposedly derived from one of two German words, which in translation means water dog or splash. The fact is that initially poodles were not at all decorative dogs, but hunting dogs, intended to catch from the water and bring the shot games. In addition, there is a version that one ancestor of the poodle was a herding dog, with a characteristic curly coat, and the second – the Spanish hunting “water dog”, which, like the poodle, brought the game to the owner.

We have prepared 16 poodle memes that will definitely cheer you up!

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