16 Intriguing Gifts for Chinese Crested Dog Lovers

With their spotted pink skin, spiky “crested” hairdo, furry socks, and feathery tail, you can’t mistake the sweet and slender Chinese Crested for any other breed. This frolicsome, ultra-affectionate companion dog is truly a breed apart.

  1. These are acrylic pattern earrings, lovely and of good quality.

  2. Show the love for your favorite breed on this decorative wood sign. The rope is attached, making signs stylish and easily hangable on any wall.

  3. 💖 DOG LOVER GIFTS FOR WOMEN - If you are looking for Mom or Dad gifts - this unframed dog art is for you! Each print has been lovingly designed to match its breed's unique personality.

  4. A perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones who will cherish this Pewter Chinese Keychain.

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