17 Unique Gifts for Newfoundland Dog Lovers

  1. Newfoundland Dog Puppy Pendant Necklace With Gift Box. Includes an 18 Inch Sterling Silver Plated Chain. The chain will be snake link style, not box link as shown. The image is displayed under photo-optic quality acrylic for a strong and perfectly clear glossy image. 100% hand made in the US. Custom images are easy and fun.

  2. These beautiful large working dogs originate from Canada and are known as the "gentle giant" of dogs. Newfoundlands or "Newfies" are known to have an extremely loyal and gentle temperament. They are a large dog breed weighing between 120-175 lbs. Any Newfie lover will enjoy flipping through these beautiful images of this unique breed. Enjoy our Newfie 2021 Calendar.

  3. This shirt has a great look and cool fit. This men's funny t-shirt fits great and is great for men, teenagers, and kids. Nothing beats t-shirts for a gift.

  4. Newfoundland Wine Bag is a Great Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic or Paper. Over the last two decades, there has been a conscious effort towards shifting from environmentally harmful products to more sustainable and organic ones. As such, Reusable Wine Bag provides a comprehensive alternative to plastic or paper bags that may be flimsy, and hard to carry.

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