20 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Australia

  1. The Golden Retriever is a large breed of dog with a massive, muscular, but proportionate build. Paws are medium in size, round with thick pads. Their muzzles are straight and long, the nose ends with a large black lobe with open nostrils. Golden ears are pendant, with rounded ends and close to the cheeks. The fluffy long tail is always down.

  2. The Border Collie is an active service dog, best suited to country life. In a confined space and without sufficient physical activity, this dog will feel unhappy and show destructive tendencies. They are extremely intelligent dogs that learn quickly and respond well to praise. Because of their herding instincts, Border Collies tend to protect their family and territory, and they make excellent guard dogs.

  3. Traditionally, it is believed that the German Shepherd breed originated in 1899. In fact, this is only a clearly marked starting point, although such dogs have existed before. Moreover, a professional military man named Max von Stephanitz, who is credited with this merit, simply bought his first pet at the exhibition. Subsequently, he standardized the breed and achieved a successful breeding program.

  4. The French Bulldog breed is small in size, with medium legs with prominent muscles, and a short tail, naturally irregularly curved. The body is square, the head is round, the muzzle is flattened, the ears are long but erect. The chest is wide and deep. May have color: white-brindle, brindle, white-fawn, (spotted), fawn. All other colors are considered the so-called "breed marriage" and are not recognized by the official canine federations

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