30 Of The Best Doberman Pinscher Dog Tattoo Ideas Ever

The image of Dobermans originally symbolized intelligent aggression, which could be controlled by a person who served in the security or police. A fairly young breed of dogs quickly spread throughout the world, as the animal has become a wonderful companion for a city dweller. Today the Doberman is a symbol of a personal protector, an intelligent, fearless, and obedient bodyguard.

The breed of athletic, well-trained, and ferocious dogs was brought up in 1880 by a tax inspector from Germany. Friedrich Louis Dobermann crossed completely different types of dogs, trying to get a pet that could brutally attack the enemy, but only at the command of the owner. The result was good not only for the breeder but also for many police officers and the military.

In America, in the early twentieth century, the popularity of the new breed quickly gained momentum, especially in the army. In 1921, the first official Doberman club was established. During the Second World War, the Doberman emblem appeared – a recognizable symbol of the United States Marine Corps. Later, the American breed standard changed, the disposition of the pets became softer, so the dogs actively helped in the treatment of disabled people, became guides.

The current American-style Dobermans differ significantly from European standards. Dogs from USA breeders are small, elegantly dry, with a timid and insecure temperament. European dogs are large and clumsy, heavy, and very aggressive. Each of the countries considers its standards to be the most correct, but the Dobermans, which are bred in Holland, are recognized as the most purebred today.

  1. To decorate the body, girls most often prefer to make a Doberman drawing in color, bright. Often, a realistic portrait of a dog in the style of Old School is applied in honor of the pet, as a sign of strong affection and love. As a commemorative symbol, a Doberman tattoo can be made in the form of a copy from a photograph of a real animal, indicating longing for a departed pet. The owners of the tattoo are anxious and kind to dogs, caring, and responsible.

  2. In addition to sporting achievements, these persons are distinguished by a resolute fearless disposition and a sharp mind.

  3. The recognizable silhouette of a Doberman with his pointed ears toned muscular figure is a wonderful decorative element suitable for girls with good physical fitness.

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