32 Of The Best Chihuahua Tattoo Ideas Ever

Dog tattoos can carry a variety of meanings. The meaning of the tattoo will largely depend on the style of execution, on additional details, and also, no doubt, on the breed of the dog. Now such images on the body are very common, there are a great many variations. The more interesting it will be to understand the meaning of a tattoo with a Chihuahua. Let’s find out what semantic layers this image has, what shades of meaning men and women give it, how you can distinguish the features of a tattoo depending on additional details.

Who chooses a tattoo with a Chihuahua? Here are some of the characteristics of such people:

  • A person with a positive outlook on his life. He seeks to more often give a positive assessment of events and people.
  • The character is friendly, open.
  • The desire to always be in the center of any company, to attract everyone’s attention.
  • The pursuit of fun, relaxation, and varied entertainment.
  • Ability to find a common language with any people, sociability.
  • The ability to easily resolve conflicts, walk away from negativity and reconcile with other people.
  1. The image of the dog itself has been symbolic since ancient times. In different mythologies, this animal is given special significance: it is considered to be the sovereign, guardian, brave defender of the lower world. Dogs guard the border between the lower and our world, they also protect from terrible monsters, become faithful helpers of light forces.

  2. Another interesting point: numerous deities among peoples in various countries were depicted with the head of a dog. Symbols associated with dogs are also common. The most famous mythical dog-headed deities are Odin, Hecate, and Hermes. They had the ability to move between the realms of the dead and the living.

  3. Since ancient times, our ancestors have endowed dogs with a variety of unique abilities, for example, psychic. It was believed that the animal is able to foresee the future and in its own way warn the owner about danger, about any upcoming events. In addition, many are unanimous and still that a dog can heal from diseases by transferring its positive energy.

  4. In Christianity, in traditional culture, the image of a dog is associated with good thoughts, protection from negativity. Associatively, the animal correlates with shepherds, preachers, because the dog also goes ahead of the herd, protects it from attacks, and directs it on the right path.

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