7 Things That Make Your Dog Really Happy

You can make your dog happy with simple gestures. Here you can find out what really makes your dog happy.

A dog is healthy and happy when its basic needs are met. But to be really happy, he needs more than just food and exercise. With these simple gestures you can now make your dog very happy.

Time together

A dog needs work, that is clear to every owner. However, your dog will find it especially nice if you set aside a fixed time slot for him every day. During this time you devote yourself absolutely only to your dog.

Try to avoid distractions such as the TV or smartphone. Whether at home or on the go – enjoy the time alone with your dog. That makes your dog happy.

Explore something new

Walking in the same environment day in and day out is bound to get boring for your dog at some point. How about a road trip together or a little adventure? Take your dog out into nature to a place that your dog doesn’t know that well.

Let him sniff and explore the surroundings. Being able to experience something new makes your dog happy.

The right toy

If you want your dog to be happy, you should also provide him with toys. It doesn’t matter how many toys your dog has. It is much more important to choose the right one for him.

Find out if your dog prefers playing with squeaker toys, stuffed animals, or other preferences. Please note: The most expensive does not always have to be the best. Choose what your dog likes to make him happy.

Massage and grooming

With the right care, your dog will stay healthy. To make him even more happy while brushing, you can massage him at the same time. Some dog brushes have an integrated massage function.

You can also simply give your dog a soothing massage and stroke after grooming. He can relax even better and is happy.

Playtime among dogs

Most dogs are really happy when they are allowed to play with other dogs. Remember to let your dog do this every once in a while if he enjoys it.

If he gets along particularly well with a dog, you should arrange meetings with the owner. If you and your dog want to make new contacts, dog meadows, parks and dog schools are particularly suitable for this.

Tasty feed

Just like humans, most dogs love good food. Your dog is certainly well taken care of if he gets the same ready-made food every day, as long as it contains all the nutrients important for dogs.

However, you can make your dog really happy by cooking for him yourself. The big advantage: You know exactly what your dog eats and can respond to your dog’s preferences. A delicious dish, for example, is the hearty rice and vegetable pan for dogs.

Acceptance and understanding

A certain basic obedience makes it easier for humans and dogs to live together. But never expect your dog to function perfectly. He is a living being who makes mistakes, can react impulsively and has his own personal characteristics.

Above all, your dog will be happy if you overlook small mistakes and differentiate between personal idiosyncrasies and real problem behavior. This creates a peaceful and relaxed togetherness that makes dog and human happy.

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