70+ German Male Dog Names

Germany is an amazing country located in central Europe. It is renowned for its ancient traditions, diverse natural resources, and outstanding architecture. In Germany, several dozen popular dog breeds have been bred, which have received recognition both in their homeland and in other countries. For example, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Boxers, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Dachshunds, Giant Schnauzers, Affen, and Zwerg Pinschers – dogs of these breeds have long been loved by thousands of animal lovers around the world. And it is not surprising that the dogs that are originally from Germany, their owners want to choose a German name.

If you are looking for a German name for your puppy boy then you will find many great options here! We have compiled the best male German dog names.

German Male Dog Names With Meanings

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  • Ozzy—divine spear
  • Ritter—knight
  • Schatzi—sweetheart
  • Frido—powerful
  • Alfred—counselor
  • Milo—beloved
  • Dieter—the people’s ruler
  • Harbin—little shining fighter
  • Imre—great king
  • Garin—warrior
  • Manfred—a man of peace
  • Donner—thunder
  • Helmar—famous protector
  • Mozart—German composer
  • Jaeger—hunter
  • Ferdinand—adventurous, courageous
  • Emmett—industrious, strong
  • Gunther—warrior
  • Hamlin—one who loves his home
  • Otto—prosperous, rich
  • Arvin—a friend to all
  • Clovis—famous warrior
  • Ugo—mind, heart, spirit
  • Felix—lucky
  • Axel—peaceful
  • Luther—warrior
  • Damian—the fighter
  • Bruno—brown-haired
  • Cayden—the spirit of battle
  • Norbert—hero
  • Max—greatest
  • Duxi—warrior of the people
  • Ellard—noble and brave
  • Zelig—blessed one
  • Keene—bold, sharp
  • Theobold—the boldest
  • Verner—defending army
  • Prinz—prince
  • Alger—noble, bright
  • August—exalted, revered
  • Hendrik—home ruler
  • Waldo—ruler
  • Frederick—peaceful ruler
  • Wilfred—determined peacemaker
  • Meyer—bringer of light
  • Bismarck—German statesman
  • Leopold—a bold leader
  • Rowland—famous in the land
  • Bernard—brave as a bear
  • Hugo—wise man

Unique German Male Dog Names

greatdane_gm/ Instagram
  • Alarick (meaning noble leader)
  • Norbert (meaning hero)
  • Hugo (meaning wise)
  • Ulrich (meaning power)
  • Tabbart (meaning brilliant)
  • Wilfred (meaning peacemaker)
  • Rune (meaning secret)
  • Augustus (meaning powerful dignity)
  • Helmut (meaning brave)
  • Konrad (meaning bold)

Male Dog Names Inspired by Famous German People

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  • Hildegard (von Bingen, composer, writer, and philosopher)
  • Heidi (Klum, supermodel)
  • Bach (composer)
  • Boris (Becker, tennis player)
  • Mozart (composer)
  • Einstein (theoretical physicist)
  • Beethoven (composer and Saint Bernard dog in the movie of the same name)

Male Dog Names Inspired by German Food and Drink

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  • Käsig (meaning cheesy)
  • Pilsner (a pale lager)
  • Gose (a fermented beer)
  • Pickert (potato pancakes)
  • Stollen (a fruit cake)
  • Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage)
  • Lecker (meaning yummy. scrumptious)
  • Schnitzel (breaded, tenderized meat)
  • Pretzel (a baked pastry)
  • Lebkuchen (gingerbread cookies)

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