77 American Bully Dog Names

The American Bully is a strong and powerful dog. A puppy of this breed needs a name that will emphasize all the power of character! Find a suitable name on our list. Good luck!

Male American Bully Names

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  • Bailey – Meaning: Bailiff, the name Bailey means Bailiff, Steward.
  • Zeus – The name Zeus means God and is of Greek origin Or meaning “sky” or “shine”.
  • Diesel – Meaning: A beautiful, kind-hearted person who looks out for family and friends.
  • Adrian – Meaning ‘sea’ or ‘water’ Or Meaning “man of Adria”.
  • Blitz – The name Blitz means “Flash of lightning, thunderbolt”.
  • Barney – Meaning “defender”.
  • Banjo – The meaning of the name is ‘string instrument’.
  • Athos – The name Athos means “Gift of God”.
  • Archer – The meaning of the name Archer is: Bow, a bowman.
  • Adelaar – The name Adelaar means “Eagle” .
  • Bandit – Meaning: Thief, Bandit.
  • Buddy – Meaning: Friend.
  • Ares – The meaning of the name Ares is: The Greek god of war.
  • Cooper – Meaning: Barrel maker.
  • Brutus – The meaning of the name “Brutus” is: “Heavy, slow, foolish”.
  • Beethoven – Beeth means ‘beetroot’ and Hoven means “farm”.
  • Baxter – Meaning “baker”.
  • Adonis – The name Adonis is of Greek origin. Meaning “Lord”.
  • Adi – Meaning “jewel” or “ornament”.
  • Carver – Meaning ‘woodcarver, sculptor’.
  • Apollo – Meaning “to destroy”.
  • Blake – The name Blake means Pale Blond One Or Dark.
  • Bear – Meaning: Strong, brave bear
  • Arthur – The meaning of the name Arthur is: Noble; courageous.
  • Archie – Meaning “genuine”, “bold” or “brave”.
  • Colby – The meaning of Colby is “swarthy person’s settlement”.
  • Scotty – The meaning of Scotty is “from Scotland”.
  • Bruno – Meaning: “Armour, Protection” or Brun “Brown”.
  • Ajax – Meaning: Of The Earth, Eagle,” earth, land”.
  • Ace – The name Ace means “one, unity”., Unity is a name given to an outstanding person.
  • Abram – Meaning “exalted father” Or “exalted father”
  • Charlie – Meaning: Free Man.
  • Storm – The meaning of Storm is “tempest”.
  • Buck – The meaning of the name Buck is: Male deer.
  • Beau – The name Beau means “Beautiful”, “Handsome”.
  • Teddy – Meaning “wealthy protector”, “brave people”, or “God’s gift”.
  • Benji – Meaning “son of the right hand or son of the south”.
  • Aramis – The meaning of the name Aramis is: Fictional swordsman.
  • Brick – The name Brick means Good Guy Or Mason.

Female American Bully Names

americandreambully/ Instagram

  • Cassie – Meaning: “to excel, to shine”, “prophetess”.
  • Coco – Meaning: Chocolate Bean
  • Clara – Meaning: “clear, bright, famous”.
  • Belle – Meaning: “beautiful”.
  • Aurora – Meaning “dawn”.
  • Ada – Meaning: “noble, nobility”.
  • Annabelle – The name Annabelle means Gracious, Beautiful.
  • Bella – Meaning beautiful in French.
  • Asta – Meaning “divine beauty”, “resurrection”, “exalted”, “venerable”, “to increase”.
  • Cindy – Meaning: “Kind, strong, honest”.
  • Buffy – The name Buffy means Nickname For Elizabeth.
  • Jasmine – Meaning “gift from God”.
  • Candy – Meaning: Bright, Sweet.
  • Athena – Meaning Goddess Of Wisdom & War.
  • Rain – Meaning: Abundant Blessings From Above.
  • Cassidy – Meaning: “clever” or “curly-haired”.
  • Dixie – Meaning “tenth”
  • Beatrice – Meaning “she who brings happiness; blessed”.
  • Daisy – Meaning: “day’s eye”.
  • Abbie – Meaning: Father rejoiced, or father’s joy. Gives joy.
  • Ginger – Meaning: Reddish Orange Color.
  • Beatrix – Meaning: “voyager, traveler”,” blessed”,” she who brings happiness; blessed”.
  • Nala – Nala means in African “queen” and “lion”, in Arabic “honey bee” and in Sanskrit “stem”.
  • Brisca – The name Brisa means Breeze.
  • Bessie – Meaning: God Is My Oath.
  • Cassandra – Meaning: “helper of men”, “to excel, to shine”.
  • Roxy – The name Roxy means Dawn.
  • Betsy – Meaning: God Is My Oath.
  • Anna – Meaning: “favor” or “grace” or “beautiful”.
  • Barbarella – Meaning “foreign woman”.
  • Lucy – The name Lucy means Light. Alternative spellings are Luci, Luce, Lucie, Lucia.
  • Browny – Meaning: “A best friend /gift from the life of Jesus”.
  • Abby – Meaning: “my father’s joy”.
  • Alicia – Meaning: “noble natured”.
  • Basil – Meaning: “brave, fearless, intrepid”.
  • Luna – Meaning “Moon”.
  • Blair – Meaning: “plain”, “meadow”, or “field”.
  • Cora – The name Cora means Heart Or Meaning “maiden”.

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