100 Boy Dog Names with Meaning

The name determines the fate of the dog. Therefore, it is very important when looking for a suitable name for a boy puppy, pay attention to the meaning of this name. So, in this article, you will find many name variations with meanings for a puppy boy. Good luck!

Beautiful Boy Dog Names with Meaning

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  • Sammy – This is a Hebrew nickname derived from Samson.
  • Chance – The name Chance is English and means “good luck,” “good fortune” or “chancellor.”
  • Joey – This is an abbreviation of Joseph and means “may Jehovah add/give the increase.”
  • Cody – This is an English and Irish name meaning “a cushion” or “helpful.”
  • Prince – Prince is a name from nobility meaning “principal one.”
  • Diesel – This is a name that comes from a diesel engine.
  • Gizmo –  American name meaning “gadget.”
  • Dexter – A name that comes from a surname meaning “dyer.”
  • Scout – English name meaning “one who gathers information covertly.”
  • Beau – This is a French name that means “handsome.”
  • Bo – Short for Robert, this name means “to live.”
  • Tucker – This is an English, male name that means “tucker of cloth.”
  • Tank – This is a nickname that implies one is as strong as a tank.
  • Baxter – This is an English name that means “baker.”
  • Gus – This is short for Augustus and means “majestic.”
  • Rex – Rex is a Latin name that is defined as “King.”
  • Jax – This name means “God has been gracious” or “has shown favor.”
  • Bentley – This is an English name meaning “from the bentgrass meadow”
  • Archie – Archie is a Scottish name that means “true and bold.”
  • Sam – Short version of Samson meaning “God hears.”
  • Spike – Spike is an American nickname for something with spikey hair.
  • Buster – This is a name in the United States.
  • Blue – Blue is a literal name that came from dogs with a “blue” coat.
  • Peanut – Peanut is an affectionate nickname meaning “cute.”
  • Cooper – This is a unisex, English name that means “barrel maker.”
  • Bandit – Bandit is an American name that means “thief.”
  • George – George is an English name and its meaning is “farmer.”
  • Oreo – Oreo is a Greek word that means “beautiful,” “nice” or “well done.”
  • Buddy – This is an American or English male name meaning “friend.”
  • Ziggy – The definition of the name Ziggy is “protector.”
  • Oscar – This name means “divine spear” or “God’s spear.”
  • Louie – Louie is a name that means “famous warrior.”
  • Ace – Ace is an English name that means “unity” or “one who excels.”
  • Frankie – Frankie is a French name that comes from Francis, meaning “Frenchman” or “free one.”
  • Finn – The name Finn is Irish and means “fair.”
  • Duke – This a male name and its meaning is a title of nobility.
  • Ollie – This is a name derived from Latin which means “olive” as a symbol of peace.
  • Mac – Mac is a Gaelic name that means “son of.”
  • Murphy – This is an Irish name meaning “sea warrior.”
  • Romeo – Romeo is a Latin name meaning “pilgrim to Rome.”
  • Champ – Champ is an abbreviated form of the word champion and means “winner.”
  • Rocco – Rocco is an Italian name that means “rock.”
  • Riley -, Irish name meaning “a small stream.”
  • Brody – Brody is an Irish name meaning “from the muddy place.”
  • Roscoe – This is a Norse name that means “from the deer forest.”
  • Kobe – Kobe is a name that comes from a city in Japan.
  • Coco – Coco is a Spanish name that comes from the name Socorro meaning “help.”
  • Gunner – Gunner is a Teutonic, male name meaning “bold warrior.”
  • Otis – Otis is a German name that means “wealthy.”
  • Jack – This is an English and Hebrew name meaning “God is gracious.”

Great Boy Dog Names with Meaning

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  • Oliver – This name means “elf,” “host,” or “olive tree.”
  • Teddy – This is a male name meaning “divine gift.”
  • Henry – A German and English name that means “rules his household.”
  • Sparky – Sparky is a Latin-derived name meaning “ball of fire” or “joyful.”
  • Leo – An English and Italian name meaning “Lion.”
  • Bubba – Bubba is an American nickname that represents a brother.
  • Simba – Simba is an African name that means “lion.”
  • Jasper – This is a Persian name meaning “keeper of treasure.”
  • Luke – Luke is a Greek name that means “light-giving.”
  • Toby – This is the short version of Tobias which means “The Lord is good.”
  • Rocky – This male name means “rock,” or “of the rocks.”
  • Jackson – Jackson is an English name literally meaning “son of Jack.”
  • Brutus – Brutus is a Shakespearean name meaning “the tragedy of Coriolanus.”
  • Shadow – Shadow is a popular name for dark-colored dogs.
  • Loki – Loki was a Norse trickster god associated with magic and fire.
  • Harley – An English name meaning “spacious meadow.”
  • Apollo – Apollo is a Latin name from Greek Mythology meaning “God of the sun.”
  • Lucky – This is an English name meaning “fortunate.”
  • Rudy – Rudy is an American nickname for the name Rudolph.
  • Bear – Literally means “a bear,” or a short form of Bearcub.
  • Thor – Thor is the name of a Norse god. It means “God of thunder.”
  • Scooter – Scooter is an American nickname for someone who moves fast.
  • Hank – This is a nickname for Henry and comes from the Dutch name Henk.
  • Charlie – Charlie is the short form of Charles which means “man.”
  • Bruno – This name means “brown one,” “brown” or “brown-haired.”
  • Benji – Benji is a shortened form of the name Benjamin.
  • Zeus – This is a Greek name meaning “powerful one.”
  • Bailey – An English name meaning “bailiff” or “steward.”
  • Moose – Moose in an English word for a North American animal of the same name.
  • Brady – Brady is an English name that means “from the broad island.”
  • Hunter – Hunter is a literal name meaning “hunter.”
  • Chester – Chester is an English name that comes from a surname. It can also mean “camp.”
  • Tyson – This is a French name meaning “son of a German.”
  • Rufus – Rufus is an English nickname for someone with red hair.
  • Boomer – This is a Dutch, occupational name for someone who operated a gate on a waterway.
  • Winston – This is an English male name meaning “victory town.”
  • Cash – Cash is an American name meaning “wealthy man.”
  • Max – Max is short for Maximilian or Maxwell which means “greatest.”
  • Benny – Benny is a Latin name derived from Benedictus which means “blessed.”
  • Chico – This is a Spanish name for a male meaning “boy” or “lad.”
  • Mickey – Mickey is a Latin name meaning “who is God?”
  • Jake – This is an abbreviation of Jacob in English and Hebrew.
  • Marley – This name comes from Old English and means “pleasant wood.”
  • Chase – Chase is an Old French name that means “hunter” or “huntsmen.”
  • Elvis – Elvis is a Scandinavian name that means “all-wise.”
  • Rusty – Rusty is an English nickname for a red-haired person.
  • Walter – Walter is a Germanic name that means “ruler of the army.”
  • Copper – Copper is a bright orange color and its name is used to denote this.
  • Samson – This name is a Hebrew name meaning “Sun child” or “bright sun.”
  • Milo – This name means both “a soldier” or “merciful.”

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