A Dog Should Move In: Tips and Tricks

Good planning is necessary even before the dream dog is to move in. You should think carefully about these points before buying a dog.

The dream of having your own dog: Almost everyone knows it and every year numerous people fulfill exactly this wish. Before you get a four-legged friend as a life companion, you should also give it enough thought. Of course, a dog brings joy, relaxation and a new perspective to life. But giving an animal a home means a lot of responsibility, can sometimes be exhausting and also puts a strain on the wallet.

Which dog fits me best?

Of course, it is first of all important to think about which breed of dog you would like to have. Should it even be a pedigree dog or rather a mixed breed? A puppy or an older dog? A dog from animal welfare or straight from the breeder? There are pros and cons for every point.

Basically, you should deal very carefully with the different breeds and their characteristics. For example, some dogs need significantly more exercise and activity than others, and some may not be as suitable for novice dogs or families as other breeds. Your place of residence can also be a decisive factor in your choice of dog: not all dogs feel comfortable in a city apartment.

Therefore, think carefully about which dog suits you, your family and your lifestyle!

What are the costs for the dog?

Before you start looking specifically for a four-legged friend, calculate the approximate costs you will incur. The costs are made up of the one-off acquisition costs and the running costs during maintenance.

  • One-time expenses are e.g. the price of the dog itself as well as the initial equipment, i.e. bowls, dog bed, toys, leash, collar and Co.
  • The running costs include, for example, food, visits to the vet, liability and, if necessary, health insurance, new toys and accessories as well as the dog tax.

Depending on which specific products you choose, the acquisition costs can be several thousand and the monthly costs can be more than 100 euros. The veterinary costs in particular should not be ignored, because it can always happen that an emergency occurs and your dog needs an operation, for example. Surgery on dogs can be very expensive. You should also be prepared financially for such an emergency.

More detailed information on the individual cost items for dogs can be found here.
Animal insurance, whether full protection or pure operation protection, protects you against high veterinary costs, which often occur unexpectedly and tear a hole in the household budget. In the event of illness, an accident or a necessary operation, you can then fully concentrate on the recovery of your four-legged friend, while the insurance covers the veterinary costs.

How much time do I have for a dog?

Last but not least, realize how much time a dog takes up. Puppies in particular require a lot of attention, training and persistent loving consistency. But older dogs also need play units, extensive walks and training.

Consider your life situation with job, holiday wishes, appointments, sports units and everything else that you like to do in your everyday life. The dog will probably initially restrict you in all areas, because you can’t just take your dog with you everywhere and you can’t leave your dog at home all day.

Especially when it comes to holidays, you should be aware that you are clearly limited when it comes to choosing travel destinations with your dog. Dogs like to travel with their owners, but you should completely avoid air travel with a dog, for example. The stress is too great for that. If you would like to travel without your dog, holiday care should be provided by a friend, family member or animal boarding house.

Where do I buy my dog?

Dogs have been bred by humans for many centuries. Unfortunately, many breeds are now affected by diseases caused by breeding. From almost pre-programmed breathing problems to skin diseases and allergies to joint problems: unfortunately there is nothing that does not exist. Be sure to keep this point in mind when choosing a reputable breeder or a four-legged friend from an animal welfare organization. Do not support torture breeding or the illegal puppy trade. Breeders should be checked carefully for their seriousness before you buy a dog from them.

It is also advisable not to exclude a dog from the animal shelter from the outset. Dog beginners in particular often have concerns that a dog from the animal shelter is not suitable for them. But that’s not the case at all. Also in animal shelters there are dogs that are suitable for beginners. Just let the shelter staff advise you!

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