A of the Long Leash

“Dogs must be kept on a leash!” – Sometimes easier said than done. How do you teach that to your pup? Or do you have an adult dog that doesn’t know how to be on a leash? Your darling pulls and tugs at the leash and a relaxed walk is out of the question. You can get that under control with a few tricks.

The Problem

Your dog is not naturally used to being on a leash. But of course, he should only be able to walk around off-leash if there is no danger to him or anyone else. In addition, it certainly depends on the breed to which your darling belongs, because the hunting instinct in the pronounced case can make you forget all known commands without further ado.

The Solution

First of all, the leash should be a completely normal everyday object and also appear as such. Your dog should be able to see and sniff them. Please keep this rite with every walk: show the leash, let them sniff it, and only then attach it to the collar.

Now we can start. Your dog should stand to your left and then walk to your left. Please take the leash in your left hand, in which you also hide a treat. Your right hand should also grab the leash. You take the first step with your left foot. As soon as your dog walks next to you, you give the command “walk”. He also gets the treat and praise from you. Gradually you can extend the exercise distance.

But That Doesn’t Work

It may of course be the case that this does not work as you imagined right from the start. Please avoid pulling on the leash or reacting suddenly.

If your dog doesn’t follow you when you want it, stay as calm as you can. One possibility would be if you try to entice him (in a soft and not stern voice). Keep your composure, because the sooner your dog moves to your beat, the more you can praise him and give him the treat. From then on, he will always look forward to it and will therefore try to please you.

If your dog starts to bite the leash or even jump at you, you can sharpen your tone of voice. Here it would be appropriate to use a very clear “No!” or “Off!”.

Your clever pet learns something with every supposed misstep. And with every attempt that went wrong, you start at the beginning. In this way, your darling gradually learns what he should and may do. I wish you a relaxed walk.

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