Teach the Dog to Jump Up

Dogs love to jump. In certain situations, that’s okay, because sticks are caught out of the air when playing, etc. But there is one situation in life in which, as a human being, you don’t like jumping off the dog. It means the greeting. Dogs like to jump at people to greet them, and you have to get your dog used to jump at them.

People who are greeted by a dog pouncing are seldom positively impressed. There are people who really challenge it, but there are also dogs who generally greet everyone by jumping. Why is the dog actually doing this? Dogs offer each other affection and approval by licking their noses. Whether small or large dogs, you often greet each other simply with a smack on the snout.

What the dog takes for granted among conspecifics, he would also like to do with humans. The problem with this is that the dog often celebrates successes with it. Do you remember when your own dog was a puppy? Honestly, how often have you kissed? A cuddle here, a kiss there, a kiss there. Sweet and playful, adults discover their childhood vein. If the dog gets bigger, the smacks will soon be over. But now the dog knows it like that and wants to continue giving and taking his smacks. To get it, the dog jumps up on people. Somehow it has to reach the nose or the “snout” of the human being.

Teach the Dog to Jump Up

The best thing to do is not to teach the dog to kiss you right from the start. But if it is already too late and the dog is already jumping at people, you have to show a lot of consistency and patience to break this bad habit towards people to train again. Dogs that jump at people are bound to get ignorance. Only then will this habit disappear quite quickly.

If your dog jumps at you, just turn away from him. Avoid any kind of verbal communication. Turning away and then ignoring is enough. No off, no seat, no no, no place. At this point, commands do not belong to the education of the dog. You just turn around and show the dog the cold back. Never fend off the dog with your hand. Do not push away etc. just turn around. Nothing else!

Your dog will give you a reaction. At first, he might just look stupid, but you won’t notice that because you’re not making direct eye contact with the dog. Your dog may be running behind you for the next few meters. Don’t notice that. But the next time your dog is lying down or sitting, you can pay attention to him. When he sits, calmly give him the command “Sit down!” and then give him a treat or pats. Jumping is long forgotten. If your dog repeatedly gets ignorant, he will lose motivation. The jumping will come to an end. Until then, however, you must demonstrate absolute consistency. Don’t tempt the dog to jump up on the body with games. So don’t hold any treats or toys too close to your body, but if you want, always hold them to the side of your outstretched arm.

If you can’t break the bad habit out of your dog on your own, seek help. Visit a dog school or contact dog trainers who will help you with important tips. Maybe someone in your circle of friends has a suitable tip for you.

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