All About Tortoiseshell Cat

Tortoiseshell cats are also known as lucky cats and are a real peculiarity in the cat world. Due to their special genetic material, unique fur markings can arise. This makes each one of them unique.

History and Origin of Tortoiseshell Cats

Since the tortoiseshell cat is not a breed, it does not have its history of origin, but it is a legendary animal:

  1. According to Japanese legend, tortoiseshell cats were taken to sea because the presence of a tricolor cat provided a sense of security. Fun fact: The Japanese waving cats (Maneki Neko) are lucky charms and have become a cult worldwide. Although there are countless versions today, the makers were inspired by a tortoiseshell cat.
  2. Similar stories circulated in England. There, too, tricolored cats were a symbol of good luck. Accordingly, it was strictly forbidden to kill such a cat, hit it, kick it, or do any other cruelty to it. In addition to being a good luck charm, tortoiseshell cats were able to cure people of fever and protect them from fire. So it happened that she was given the middle name “Firecat”.
  3. For still others, the existence of the tortoiseshell cat describes a story of the sun and the moon. The sun had expressed a desire to spend time on earth and asked the moon to cover up its absence. While the sun descended to earth in the form of a black cat, the moon held its position in the sky. However, he soon disliked it, causing the sun to return in a great hurry. In the rush, she couldn’t take all her rays with her. Some of them remained in the form of golden dots in the fur of the once black cat and have since been passed on to subsequent generations.

Essence and Character

As a Californian study found, there appears to be a connection between coat color and behavior. In any case, the majority of cat owners stated that their tortoiseshell cat occasionally puts them to the test.

According to the information, these personality traits are particularly common in tortoiseshell cats:

  • Willful
  • Self-assured
  • Spirited
  • ready to defend
  • Unpredictable
  • Moody
  • Aggressive
  • spoiled

This results in a personality image that can deter one from buying such a cat. However, many of these traits are so subtle that the tortoiseshell’s quirks don’t bother them.

The Appearance of Tortoiseshell Cats

Since tortoiseshell cats are not an independent cat breed, their appearance is very varied.

For this reason, this subsection refers exclusively to the characteristic coat:

  • The cats call themselves tortoiseshell because their coat texture is associated with a tortoise shell.
  • The typical tortoiseshell cat has a three-colored pattern (tricolor). Numerous color nuances and an infinite number of combinations can arise from the primary colors red, black and white.
  • Two-tone tortoiseshell cats (so-called torties) do not have white markings on their fur.

Attitude and Care

Since tortoiseshell cats have different appearances, the daily grooming routine is also very different. So there is no general care guideline. Therefore, it is best to base your approach on the care suggestions for the respective breed (e.g. the Japanese Bobtail).

This is what standard cat care looks like:

  • Provide your cat with a scratching post to sharpen its claws on. Be prepared to have to clip the claws of older cats that don’t like to exercise.
  • Since a cat’s dental health can deteriorate throughout its life, you should check the condition of its teeth regularly.
  • A cat’s eyes should always be clear and bright. In case of abnormalities (for example purulent discharge, or redness) you should consult a veterinarian.
  • Accumulation of secretion, mites, and painful inflammation can occur in the ears. Therefore, the ears should always be clean.
  • About the keeping requirements, you can also use the “average cat” as a guide.

These furnishing elements are always needed:

  • food and water bowls
  • grooming supplies
  • Litter, litter box
  • scratch tree
  • activity material
  • Sleeping basket or an alternative retreat
  • Various types of room security (example: balcony net, cable protection)

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