American Pit Bull Terrier: Facts and Personality Traits

The only unfortunate thing for the American Pitbull Terrier is that this special position can often be attributed to a remarkably bad image.

In many German federal states, in Austria, Switzerland, or in Scandinavia and Great Britain, owners of a dog of this breed are at least made more difficult, if not practically forbidden. The American Pitbull Terrier bears the least responsible for this. As with all other dog breeds, it is the human, past, and present, who is in charge.



Englishmen and Irishmen formed four-legged fighting machines out of bulldogs and terriers for a long time, particularly popular dog fights. They set the dogs on rats to make an extra living from the prize money and bets. Immigrants bring this tradition to the United States along with the athletes. Here American Staffordshire Terriers and the former Pit Bulls are actors in a life-and-death struggle. They have to follow their handler blindly, if they rebel against him, it will result in the death sentence for them.

Pitbull – the four-legged figurehead of the film rascals “The Little Rascals” stands for the sympathizers. They, the good guys, are at least as common among American Pitbull Terriers as they are among non-attack dog breed companions. The bodybuilder still lacks the recognition of the FCI world organization. Nevertheless, the clubs that look after the breed have set standards.


According to this, the size of the males varies by approximately 48 centimeters at the shoulder, that of the bitches just under. This results in a weight of the compact dog between 14 and 27 kilograms. A shiny, short, and thick coat are also desirable. It is easy to care for, with hardly any maintenance effort worth mentioning. The clear direction of historical breeding efforts explains why American looks are very versatile – it just didn’t matter.

The American Pitbull Terrier currently faces its friend in red, white, and black, in fawn, in shades of these, or in white and tabby.

Requirements for the Holder

This may be a sporty two-legged friend. Assertiveness, serenity, and steadfastness are definitely among his strengths. He must be able to put up with hostilities. In the knowledge of the true character of his animal.

Pitbull Terrier Creature

Despite all prejudices, the American Pit Bull Terrier is able to mature into a child-loving, cuddly family and companion dog. Its philanthropy even includes strangers and its use as a guard dog is only successful in exceptional cases.


The friendly representative who approaches people openly wants to be accepted, respected, and challenged. The PitBull is not a beginner’s dog, its owner must have a solid wealth of experience! He never neglects the fact that this dog can be unpleasant when it comes to meeting other dogs, especially if they are of the same sex. The strict upbringing protects him and his environment.

The introduction to all situations of a modern environment conveys the necessary security in everyday life. Clownesque, demanding, and with great ingenuity, the American Pitbull Terrier tries to be the center of the family pack. The animal doesn’t just want to run along. After all, almost everything can be done with him – dog sports, breed-typical weight pulling, agility, and nose work. The four-legged friend tackles every task with self-confidence.

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