American Black and Tan Coonhound: Facts and Personality Traits

Hunting with the support of special dog breeds is already very varied and interesting to watch. Hunting is even more fascinating as soon as the helpers drive the game up the trees to give the hunter the opportunity to kill the prey.

This is currently being experienced in some North American areas. When raccoons (Raccoon or Coon for short for raccoon) are enticed by the American Black and Tan Coonhound to seek supposed protection in the woods. Depending on the region, the hunters appreciate the fur or the meat of the adaptable predators. Especially in the dark, the American working dog with a fine nose leads to the nocturnal climbers. He is nimble and knows perfectly how to track down tracks and follow them successfully to the end.


In its country of origin, it is also used to hunt deer, bears, and cougars. Cynologists date the beginning of the 18th century as the starting point of targeted black and tan breeding. It will continue for over a hundred years. The basic stick is seen in foxhounds; Irish, French, and German dogs are added with their genetic material. Crossbreeding of Kerry Beagles completes the interplay.

President George Washington named Drunkard, Taster, Tipsy, and Tippler the first First Dogs of America – all Black and Tan Coonhounds. In Germany, as in Europe in general, the exclusive working dog breed is rarely seen, its main distribution area is North America. The only representative of the Coonhounds recognized by the FCI lives here in his preferred living environment. Basically, the black and tan raccoon dog is considered suitable for families.

Breed lovers, however, judge the suitability of families with and without children inconsistently.

Use American Black and Tan Coonhound

Guided for hunting, with the possibility of being able to deal with everyday life in accordance with their temperament and their stamina, the four-legged friend is a friendly and calm member of the household. The FCI standard number 300 privileges the black and tan out of a good handful of coonhound varieties with a demonstrable recognition.

Height and Weight

The standard sets the size of the dogs at 58 to just under 70 centimeters at the shoulder. Such a size weighs 28 to 38 kilograms on the scales. As long as the performance and the balanced overall picture of larger animals remain consistent, this does not lead to a devaluation.


With an easy-care coat like that of the American Black and Tan Coonhound, the dog and owner have little chance of understanding grooming as a connecting element. The coat is dense and shiny, charcoal black and spiced up with intense tan markings distributed over the body. The brush removes dead hair from time to time. The regular control of the long ears, which fly when running, serves to keep them healthy.


The time saved by grooming the long-legged raccoon hunter can be used by its owner for other activities together. As long as the American four-legged friend doesn’t drive raccoons up into the trees, as can be seen in US competitions, he makes an excellent rescue dog. His excellent nose comes in handy when mantrailing. It is impressively able to follow even cold tracks in difficult terrain. The imposing dog has a good portion of independence and self-confidence – essential for his successful work.


He is convincing in his unwavering search and, once on the track, is not to be dissuaded.


This circumstance requires him to be shown boundaries and to draw boundaries in the form of fences around his home. In addition, unjust punishments brought about in ignorance force his disapproving refusal. If the late maturing, intelligent, and sensitive dog is a capable leader, he is willing to be submissive. Attentive and vigilant, he always keeps an eye on his home. He hardly gets involved with people he doesn’t know and treats them in a closed and reserved manner. His voice, admired by many, with the characteristic melody is mainly reserved for hunting.

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