Avoid Unbalanced Nutrition of The Dog

The daily dose of calcium is important for the puppy to develop properly and for the adult dog to stay healthy. However, not only a deficiency but also an overdose is dangerous.

Mineral supply in dogs

There are still many legends and half-truths about the right calcium supply, although it has now been proven that both a deficiency and an oversupply in dogs, especially puppies, can cause significant damage. In addition, the correct ratio of calcium and phosphorus in the diet is crucial.

Calcium deficiency causes damage to the dog’s skeleton

The most common consequence of a calcium deficiency is skeletal damage (lameness, poor posture, problems walking, bone pain, frequent fractures). Excessive and inappropriate supply of phosphorus leads to exactly the same symptoms. The most common cause is a one-sided compound diet based on raw meat. In addition, an oversupply of protein is possible when mainly feeding low-fat meat (as well as liver and kidneys). High-fat meat, in turn, can lead to protein deficiency in dogs. Although offal and slaughterhouse waste is less likely to lead to diet-related diseases, they are not nutritionally balanced.

The balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus

This is particularly evident in the calcium and phosphorus content: a ratio of about one part calcium to one part phosphorus in the diet is ideal for adult dogs. Almost all meat products contain significantly more phosphorus, liver as an extreme example even one part calcium to 51 parts phosphorus. This promotes an oversupply of phosphorus or a lack of calcium and promotes the occurrence of the skeletal diseases described. The safest method of avoiding an unbalanced diet is to use a complete diet made up according to species-appropriate standards from well-known manufacturers. If you want to give slaughterhouse waste or mainly meat, you should have the ration calculated by a nutritionist and, if necessary, correct it with exact doses of mineral feed. Many veterinarians offer appropriate nutritional advice.

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