Basic Commands for Puppies

It’s never too early to start training a dog. With plenty of positive reinforcement, your pup will certainly learn basic commands very quickly. We reveal what you have to pay attention to.

It’s all about the relationship

The basic prerequisite for training is that the basis between human and animal is right and that your dog has the motivation to listen to you. It is therefore important that there is always an incentive and that you are exciting and interesting in your dog. At the same time, you should appear calm and confident so that your puppy can orientate itself towards you. Give clear commands and reward with pinpoint accuracy.

Positive reinforcement in puppies

A lot of things work in dog training through positive reinforcement with the voice, the treats, the game. If your little one has done something well, you have to reward it very quickly: you have two seconds to allow the puppy and, of course, later the adult dog, to create a link.

Dogs need to learn the word “no” too

But dogs also need boundaries, so they also have to know the spoken word “No”. We can use this to prevent them, for example, from jumping up on people and eating rubbish. Timing is important here too: Please try to stop your dog with “No” before he does something he shouldn’t. For example, interrupt him before he picks something up off the ground and doesn’t have it in his mouth yet, or before he jumps up.

Command “Here”

The most important command your dog should be able to hear is “Here” or “Come” to get closer. This will prevent your dog from running onto the street or running to walkers along the way. He will come when it is worthwhile for him. That means: There is a reward via your vote and treats. Crouch down and cheer your dog on in a friendly and motivating manner.

Just little exercise sessions for the puppy

You can now also practice “sit” and “down”. Schedule small exercise sessions every day. 5 to 10 minutes are enough, the little one cannot concentrate any longer. Important: Always end the practice minutes with a sense of achievement, then continuing to learn will be fun.

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