Beagle Shepherd: Beagle & German Shepherd

What do you get when you cross the two best dog breeds together? You will have a fun, friendly mix of a German Shepherd Beagle.
These dogs are the perfect combination of a ferocious hunting dog and a determined service dog. This rare and unique cross has an attractive appearance.
Expect them to be active and energetic as they will quickly become your best and most loyal friends. Their energetic antics will keep you on your toes all day.

What is a German Shepherd Beagle Mix?

Like most mixed breeds, it was bred as a companion and alternative to both parent breeds.
You hope this mix has all the best qualities of every parent.
The German Shepherd Beagle combines vigilance and attention to detail, making them an especially good guard dog.
While they are easy to care for, they can be quite demanding when it comes to exercise. These furry athletes do their best when playing outside with their favorite friends. When they learn to love you, they will protect you and crave your company. You may find that yours is following you most of the day.

  • Target: Companion / Guard Dog.
  • Weight: 22-50 lbs.
  • Size: 15-24 inches.
  • Temperament: Happy, caring, and curious.

Pros and Сons


  • Very clever.
  • A loyal and protective guard dog.
  • The most faithful friend.
  • Very friendly towards others.
  • Interesting and fun to watch.


  • Learning can be difficult.
  • Can become hyper-vigilant.
  • High energy can be exhausting.
  • Personality traits are difficult to predict.


This hybrid has no breed standard.
The confusion of the physical traits of both the Beagle and the German Shepherd means that there are many variations when it comes to their appearance.
You can expect a medium-sized dog with a face shape and beagle build. They should have long, drooping ears and a cheerful Beagle expression.
They have a strong, thin body and a confident character. As natural runners, they have lean legs that allow them to cover long distances. After all, their parent breeds are designed to work in the forest and on the farm.

Height and weight. You can expect males to grow 17 to 24 inches tall and weigh 22 to 50 pounds. Females are 15 to 22 inches tall and can weigh 22 to 30 pounds. This large size discrepancy is due to the fact that the two-parent breeds are very different in size.

Coats and colors. Their colors are a mixture of the typical color forms of both parents. They are usually two-colored on a white background. Brown and black spots and stains are the most common color pattern. Dark colors can appear as a mask against a white muzzle.

The German Shepherd Beagle mix has a dense, smooth coat that does not grow beyond medium length.
This breed can inherit the single coat from the beagle or the double coat of the German Shepherd. The coat is very smooth and shines beautifully when nursed. The double-layer will have a thick wool lining.
Double-coated dogs may require slightly more grooming than single-coated dogs, but regardless of coat type, they shed only moderately with weekly brushing.

5 Fun Facts About Beagle Mixes

  1. Some common nicknames include Beagle Shep and Beagleman.
  2. The origins of this mixture are completely unknown. This is believed to have come about as part of a craze for dog designers in the 1970s and 1980s.
  3. Their hardworking nature combined with their dedicated and loving nature makes it an excellent choice for a therapy dog or emotional support dog.
  4. The breed’s tendencies towards guard dogs are inherited from the German Shepherd Dog.
  5. These dogs have a very keen hearing and are very sensitive to many sounds of nature.

Combination of Character and Temperament

This happy little dog comes from two of the friendliest dogs in the area.
They will not only be your best friend, but also mixes of the German Shepherd Beagle. almost everyone in your area will be friends.
Despite their independence, they do not like to be alone, so you should find a good carer if you cannot spend most of the day with your dog.
The ability to keep up with your high energy is one of the most important aspects of having it.
These brave puppies are enthusiastic and willing to fish every day and will be very unhappy in any environment that limits their wild side. They need their own piece of nature to run, jump and play.
As a naturally social dog, the German Shepherd Beagle mixes simple love to make new friends. Puppies can be a little shy, but quickly recover once they get to know the surroundings.
Barking can be a problem for such an alert breed.
Unfamiliar sights and sounds can trigger them, and they can get very aroused around their good friends.
It is best to ignore their unwanted barks, they will learn when it is best for them to be silent.
Be very careful if you plan to bring this dog along with other pets. Despite their friendliness and desire to please, they can be very stubborn when they are in a mood. They can also be big bullies towards pets who will not fight back.
Heightened prey instinct is the flip side of their hunting instinct. You need to keep them on a leash and well away from the local wildlife.

Family Dog

The mixture of German Shepherd Beagle dogs makes an excellent family dog.
Children over 6 years old can be the best companions for these playful little souls.
Lonely owners should be aware that this dog will not value too much time alone. If you live alone and cannot bring your dog with you, you will need to find a nanny.


For active owners, a mix of German Shepherds Beagle will be a walk in the park. Exercise and stimulation is the most important part of caring for these dogs.
Beagle mixes are best for active owners who are as energetic as their dogs.
Owners raising a German Shepherd for the first time may face a problem. Their high level of activity means they are not the best choice for seniors or those with a sedentary lifestyle.
Grooming, feeding, and other aspects of grooming are relatively easy. They don’t require much beyond what every other dog needs.

Physical Exercises

The combination of two very athletic dog breeds makes the puppy energetic, full of wild energy.
Your puppy will need at least an hour of exercise a day, but a particularly active dog needs more. You can satisfy your dog’s love of exploration with hiking or long runs.
In addition to walking, they will need at least another 30 minutes of playing time. These furry athletes love to run, so long runs next to you will be their favorite time of the day.
You need to create a safe place for them to come off the leash when you’re at home.
A number of walks per day: 1-2.
The total amount of exercise required per day: 60+ minutes.

Care and Shedding

Weekly or bi-weekly brushing works even for the longest coated beagle shepherd. Double-coated dogs will only lose slightly more than single-coated dogs.
A full bath and shampoo can be done every 2 or 3 months.
Since hounds are more susceptible to gum disease than other dogs, weekly or biweekly. brushing your teeth will be necessary.


Beagle and related breeds are known for their very high appetite, so keep treats to a minimum and don’t let your dog feed for free.
Even a very active dog will benefit from 2 cups of high-quality food a day.
Highly active breeds benefit from a high protein diet supplemented with healthy fat sources such as eggs and raw chicken.


The strong and independent personality of this dog can easily lead to stubbornness, so training requires a lot of patience and understanding.
Luckily, though, their loyal nature makes them natural people to be liked.
When your puppy has done a good job, kiss, and hugs him to show how happy you are. Make sure your dog doesn’t notice your frustration – it’s better to leave and try again later than letting your puppy think you are angry with them.
Many puppies become very shy and suspicious of others, leading to unpleasant barking.
You can enroll your puppy in a class full of other puppies to play with or take with you to get to know others in your area.
It is best to do both.
Because of their high intelligence, they do not tolerate boredom – the unhappy, abandoned dog is very destructive.
Don’t expect your dog to play by itself.
You will need to keep your dog’s large brain at work.
A scavenger hunt is a great idea to tap into the hunting instinct of the German Shepherd Beagle. Hide and scatter toys around the yard and have your dog hunt for every toy.

Final Thoughts

The Beagle German Shepherd Mix is ​​a friendly and fun addition to an active lifestyle. They are ideal for homes with large outdoor exposure.
These brave souls are simply loved by the owners who can take them out to all sorts of new places.
Once they learn to love you, they will stick to you like glue. You will find yourself an obedient protector who will give you unconditional puppy love.
With one of these guys by your side, life is never boring.
Keep their minds and their bodies active and you will have years of fun and entertainment every day.

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