Beauceron: French Traditional Dog & Popular “All-Rounder”

The Beauceron or “Berger de Beauce” is a breed of dog that has been bred to strict standards in France for a long time. Dog lovers affectionately call him Bas Rouge (“Red Stocking”), referring to the tan markings on his legs. Due to its rustic appearance and good character, the lowland shepherd dog is also enjoying growing popularity outside of France.

Breed history of the Beauceron

The region of origin of the Beauceron, which gave it its name, is the Beauce, a Börde landscape in north-western inland France, where large flocks of sheep were once kept. The shepherds needed reliable four-legged helpers to manage the herd. The systematic breeding of the Beauceron did not require any crossbreeding with other breeds; The Beauceron is closely related to the French Briard. The first official Beauceron breed standard was created in 1889. In 1963 it was recognized by the international umbrella organization for breeders, the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale).

After the demand for shepherd dogs dwindled with the decline in the herds of sheep, the association “Les Amis Du Beauceron” campaigned for the preservation of the breed. This included popularizing the Beauceron as a guard, protection, and companion dog. In the meantime, he is considered an all-rounder who is used as a family dog ​​as well as in the military.

Nature of the Beauceron

The Beauceron is at peace with itself: the dog radiates honesty, serenity, and sovereignty. Nothing seems to faze him, he shows neither hectic nor aggression. Unless danger or an unauthorized person is approaching: then the dog is wide awake and alert and assesses the situation. He is suspicious of strangers but friendly, within his pack he is affectionate and always there when something is going on. A well-behaved Beauceron is a loveable family pet but requires consistent training.

Education and keeping of the Beauceron

The Beauceron’s threshold is high. As a rule, you are dealing with a well-behaved, down-to-earth dog. However, if the animal’s tolerance limit is exceeded, the Beauceron reacts at lightning speed and is not very squeamish. As the owner, you should have some physical presence to control the animal if necessary.

When it comes to training, the following applies: With empathy, loving severity, and empathy for “dog thinking”, the Beauceron becomes a pleasant and sociable dog. You promote socialization with other dogs by visiting the puppy school and meeting other dogs and their two-legged friends in the dog park. In addition, the dogs are candidates for the companion dog test.

Beaucerons are working dogs, traditionally used as herding dogs or guardians of homes and yards. If the dog cannot develop, activities with humans are a must, in which the four-legged friend can live out his urge to move and show his talents. Dog sports, agility, and long hikes are suitable alternatives. Attention: The Beauceron is in impressive condition and is still living on the move when the master or mistress runs out of breath on long walks.

Peculiarities of the Beauceron

An unmistakable feature of the Beauceron is the double dewclaw stipulated in the breed standard.


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