Borzoi – Lightning-Fast Hunter from Russia’s Vastness

The Borzoi is one of the fastest land animals on earth. The Russian nobility used it for hunting. Today, borzois are kept as companion dogs, but their urge to move must be taken into account. Hound racing or coursing are ideal fields of activity for Hounds. In order to keep a Borzoi in a species-appropriate manner, you should have access to an outdoor area or a large garden.


Faster than the wind

The Borzoi is one of the fastest land animals on earth. The Borzoi was bred by Russian nobles for hunting as early as the 15th century. Not only foxes, rabbits, and big game were on the shooting plane, but also wolves. Many of the tsars and grand dukes kept huge Borzoi herds of 500 animals.

The Borzoi is one of the dogs that has found its way into art. He can be seen on numerous contemporary paintings or was immortalized as a bronze sculpture. Tolstoy erected a monument to him in “War and Peace”.

Borzoi is of graceful beauty. The breed standard provides for a height of up to 85 centimetres. The coat is silky or slightly curly. All colors may be solid or spotted, except brown, chocolate brown, and blue.

Characteristics and nature of the Borzoi

Borzoi is easygoing and calm indoors. They love contact with their family; too much loneliness and a pure kennel attitude let the sensitive dogs wither away. They tend to be cautious and reserved towards strangers. The greyhounds like to move and move quickly, the hunting instinct is pronounced. Therefore, dog sports such as coursing (baiting) or dog racing are ideal for them. To satisfy your animal’s need to run, you can go jogging, cycling, or let off steam on inline skates, the Borzoi will be delighted.

Training of the Borzoi

In order to mold the borzoi into a comfortable family member, you first need to understand this particular breed. You cannot expect subordination and blind obedience from the aristocratic Russian. Nevertheless, the gentle giant is easy to train and retrieve. Attending a good dog school is advisable. You should also live in the country and have a house with a garden, alternatively have a large outdoor area at hand where your dog can romp with his dog buddies.

Care of the Borzoi

The long and supple coat is easy to care for and practically “self-cleansing”. You should comb and brush the Borzoi once a week.


The breed is considered relatively robust. However, due to their size, Borzoi is prone to torsion. Therefore, feed small portions several times a day and let the dog rest after eating.


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