Best Horse Names

The dream of having your own horse has finally come true. Now you are surely still looking for a suitable name for your darling – we are happy to help!

On the one hand, it should match the character of the mount, on the other hand, it should do justice to the noble appearance of a horse, even if it is a cute Shetland pony. There are neutral names such as Nebelschweif or Moonlight that go well with a mare as well as a stallion or gelding. But female or male names for the respective gender of your horse are even nicer.

Horse Names for Mares


This sonorous name comes from Arabic and means alive and well. It suits a petite, lively mare, no matter what color she is.


Since the end of the 19th century, the English name for amber has also been used as a female first name. It is suitable for noble mares with amber-colored fur.


The Latin word for the dawn is made for a gentle chestnut mare.


A mare should be red-brown and fiery like the spice powder made from chili peppers if she is given the name Cayenne.


Dakota comes from Indian and stands for friend or ally. A great name for a mare with whom you can “steal horses”.


The shining or radiant one is the name Fatima, which comes from Arabic. Mares with a particularly eye-catching badge or bright white color are perfect for this sonorous name.


A dainty gray mare that floats along like a snowflake can very well bear the name Flocke. But Flocke is also an excellent match for a funny spotted mare.


The female first name from India is the epithet of the goddess Lakshmi and stands for beauty and shine. This almost automatically answers the question of which mare this name could be suitable for.


Kiara or Chiara is the Italian variant of Clara / Klara and means the shining or the glamorous. The name fits a very gentle mare with a shiny coat.


The moon goddess from Roman mythology is the namesake of Luna and translated from Latin means moon. A dark mare with sickle-shaped markings and a slender build is sure to be a worthy goddess of the moon.


A funny song on the lips and life will be easier. Melody suits a happy and uncomplicated mare who doesn’t take life too seriously.


Translated from the Slavic Mira means peace, in the Latin vocabulary, it is translated as wonderful. Mira is also known as a nickname for Mirabella. A suitable name for a calm, gentle mare.

Piroska (Piri)

The name, which originally comes from Latin, is translated as the venerable, the beautiful or the splendid. In Hungary, Piroska is also the translation for Little Red Riding Hood. So the right name for a spirited chestnut mare.

Queen (queeny)

The English name for a queen is more likely the name for a large, elegant mare, while the pet form Queeny is also suitable for a funny pony mare.


The Irish first name is probably known to all of us from the film epic ‘‘ Gone with the Wind ‘‘. The lively and extremely capricious Scarlett O’Hara should be the namesake for such a mare. Since the name is derived from the Latin term scarlatum (which translates as “the scarlet material”), it is also very suitable for red-brown mares.


Soleil means “sun” from the French and goes well with a mare whose character is real sunshine.


The name, originally from Italy, means “the Etruscan woman” or “the Tuscan woman”. So it goes perfectly with a dark mare with a southern temperament.


When you hear the name vanilla, you automatically think of wonderfully sweet vanilla cream. Therefore the name for a light fox (e.g. Haflinger) or palomino is perfect. If it’s a sweet mare …

Victoria (Vicky)

“The winner” means Victoria translated from Latin and fits every mare who has become the winner of your heart’s desire. The short form Vicky is ideal for an intrepid pony mare.


In English, velvet stands for velvety or velvety soft. Therefore it is a very appropriate name for a gentle mare with a loving nature and velvety nostrils.

Horse Names for Stallions and Geldings


Amigo is derived from the Latin word “amicus” and means something like “friend or companion”. The ideal name for a real horse buddy who will go through thick and thin with you.


Big, noble, and formidable could be the suitable horse for this name. But also a meek stallion or gelding with a noble stature can bear the name Baron.

Black Beauty

Who does not know him, the long-suffering but victorious stallion from the story of the same name. It goes without saying that only a particularly beautiful black stallion (or gelding) can be considered for this.


In English usage, Collin is short for Nikolaus, from Latin the word collis is translated as “hill”. Therefore, Collin should go very well with a cozy pony gelding.


The “dancer” goes best with a capricious and very light-footed horse. But even a nervous thoroughbred likes to “prance” and thus lives up to the name.


A valuable gemstone once it has got the right cut. But it also goes well with a stallion or gelding who has a particularly shiny coat or a conspicuous diamond-shaped mark.


Translated from English, Dusty means “dusty or dusty”. If you look further, you will come across the old Nordic name Dorsteinn, which developed from the Greek first name Thors. Translated this would mean “Thor’s stone”. The name could match a tall gray horse or a fluffy pony stallion.


A cozy gelding with a big heart can bear this name just as well as a fiery stallion. Fireheart goes particularly well with a red fox.


Fury is the English word for anger and as a horse name from the novel of the same name by Alber G. Miller, every horse lover is sure to be a household name. It goes without saying that this name may not suit a gentle or leisurely horse.


The name of a great Indian ruler is Maharajah. A fitting name for a big, strong stallion or gelding who is not easy to lead, but is wonderful to look at.


Nuggets are naturally formed nuggets of gold. So if your stallion or gelding is a real treasure, you are spot on with this name.


The winged horse from Greek mythology is a child of Poseidon and Medusa. Usually the Pegasus is represented as a gray horse with wings. Since it has an intimate connection with water sources, a horse bearing this name should also love water.


In Greek mythology, the god of the sea, Poseidon is the appropriate name for a strong stallion with cold blood and a strong mane. A tinker or a frieze in particular has the optical attributes.


Rasmus is the short form of the name Erasmus, which is mainly known in the Scandinavian-speaking area, and is translated as “the beloved one”. So every gelding or stallion can bear this name if he is loved dearly.


Rih comes from Arabic and means wind. Which name could be more suitable for a thoroughbred Arabian stallion?


The name Sandro is composed of the words aléxo (defend, protect) and andrós (man). So if your stallion/gelding has a strong protective instinct, Sandro is a good name for your horse.

Silver moon

A truly magical name for a graceful gray with a lot of temperament. But a conspicuous, sickle-shaped badge can also lead to this naming.


Spirit stands for spirit or soul. In the cartoon “Spirit – the wild Mustang” the name is associated with a stallion who wants to be and stay wild and free without losing sight of his loyal friends or abandoning them.


Tornado stands for cyclone and comes from the Latin word tornare (to turn). So if your horse is a powerful whirlwind, Tornado is the apt name for you.


As a derivation of the Turkish word sultan, Zoltan stands for king or ruler and is of Hungarian origin. The word power of the name alone makes Zoltan more suitable for a large, impressive horse.

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