Borkie: Beagle & Yorkshire Terrier

Beagle Yorkie Mix – Meet the Borkie
Want to know all about the Beagle Yorkie mix?
Are you wondering if this cute crossbreed would make the right dog for you?

Introductory Information

The Beagle Yorkie mix, also called the Borkie, is a cross between a Yorkie and a Beagle.
The Beagle Yorkie mix is becoming increasingly popular with breeders and dog lovers alike, but there is still a lot to consider before you decide to bring it home.

Argue about Mixes

Although crossbreeds have been around since the beginning of canine-human relationships, the practice seems to have become a more popular but controversial trend over the past 20 years.
What is a cross and what is the difference between a cross and a mongrel? This is actually part of the discussion.
You see, pro-crossbreeding proponents insist that although the mothers have unknown origins from different breeds, hybrid dogs are the descendants of two specially selected purebred parents. On the other hand, there is a health problem.

Purebred or Mixes

While some claim that crossbreeding can decrease the quality of breeds by tempering the bloodline of purebreds, others insist that crossbreeding is a way to create healthier dogs.
For example, some followers of crossbreeding hope that this will reduce the number of inheritable diseases that are passed on from parents to offspring.
However, other experts claim that crossbreeds are equally likely to inherit the same health problems as their purebred counterparts.

How did the Mix Beagle Yorkie come to be?

While crossbreeding has been a constant practice for several generations, little is known about the Yorkhound.
By today’s standards, this dog is still considered a first-generation cross.
For this reason, its exact origin is still unknown.
Fortunately, we can learn more about the York Hound and what motivates them to explore the history of their purebred parents.

Beagle Origin

The Beagle is an ancient breed, the true place of origin of which remains a mystery to this day.
However, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), records show hares and hunting dogs roaming the English region before the Romans in 55 BC. Got there
It is likely that the modern beagle is related to these early pack hunters. Some call the breed “grounded”.
Once called a “walking dog,” the beagle was a staple food for both nobles and townspeople, especially those who needed help hunting small game but could not afford a horse or were too old to ride.
These walking dogs did what their name implies – they walked alongside their owners, which made hunting affordable, successful, and easy for many men and women.
The Bigley’s came to the United States only after the Civil War, where they immediately became popular companions of rabbit hunters.
Registered by the AKC in 1885, the beagle is one of the most popular dogs in the United States. He proudly ranks 5th out of 194 on America’s Most Popular Dog Breeds List.
To this day, the beagle is a favorite among wild game hunters who admire the breed’s incredible sense of smell, strong hunting skills, and unique howl.

Origin of Yorkies

The Yorkshire Terrier was probably founded in the English regions of Lancashire and Yorkshire in the 19th century.
Despite their diminutive size, the Yorkies were bred as tiny stubborn fighters.
His work in coal mines and textile factories was to cleanse rodents and other pests on his territory.
However, the Yorkies soon began to work in dirty factories and in caves and pressed themselves to the knees of noblewomen.
Indeed, the real shift came in 1886, when the Kennel Club of England officially recognized the breed and made it famous among the nobles, who took it by the arms as if they were making fancy paperbacks.
Yorkies were not officially recognized in America until 1885. Today, Yorkies are ranked 9th on the AKC’s list of most popular dog breeds, just four spots behind their dog, the Beagle.

Beagle Temperament

Since the Beagle-Yorkie is a mixed breed, their temperament is left to chance and genetics, whichever parent they need most.
For example, the Beagle is a wonderful family dog ​​that gets along well with children and other pets!
It is an active and hardy dog ​​which makes it a great companion for children as it is hardy and full of energy.
Since Beagles are by nature working breeds, they are the happiest in their families, participate in as many activities as possible, and require a constant amount of exercise every day.
This natural breed is a problem-solver, incredibly smart, and known for breaking out of the house and backyard.
Prospective owners should keep their yards secure and keep an eye on their Beagle as they enter and leave their home.
And because of the strong prey of the Beagle, experts warn not to leave the leash while walking.
If you do this, you run the risk of your Beagle rushing towards smaller animals and potentially endangering itself, especially if you walk them near busy streets or residential areas.

Yorkie Temperament

The Yorkshire Terrier is a true terrier according to the AKC, which means courage, courage, and audacity!
Yorkies are stupid and friendly and look forward to their family.
He’s a real lapdog who will sit with you for hours, but don’t let that fool you!
This breed needs a lot of training and playing time and will be happy with all your successes.
While Yorkies are a good family companion and get along well with other pets and children, Yorkies are not recommended for younger, more energetic kids or homes with larger, hyper dogs.
Despite being tough and energetic, the Yorkie is still a very small dog and can be easily injured in rough play.
Because Yorkie works very hard to please, he can be sensitive to harsh reprimands and should always be hit with a gentle, loving hand.
And like the Beagle, Yorkies were originally used as hunters and therefore could chase smaller animals in the yard or on walks.
Experts say that you should always use a leash with this dog and that you should be careful when leaving it alone as it is small and can be attacked by predators such as large owls or coyotes.

Borkie Temperament

With the above information in mind, you can expect your Beagle Yorkie will have strong loot and be quite active.
He will probably be very knowledgeable about children and other animals, but if he is younger, like his York parent, potential owners with younger children will want to make sure their children understand how fragile their puppy can be.
Like all dogs, the York Beagle mix benefits from social training and training.

Description of Borkie

Please note that when working with mixes, the size and weight is left to chance.
However, we can get an idea of ​​what your Yorkshire Beagle mix would look like by looking at the sizes of its purebred parents.
The Beagle is a medium-sized dog, 13 to 15 inches tall, and weighs 15 to 30 pounds.
Yorkies are much smaller, 7-8 inches tall and weigh less than 7 pounds.
As with temperament and size, the look of your York Beagle mix will be influenced by genetics and randomness.
Let’s take a look at the options.
The Beagle has a short, slightly shedding coat, a longer body, drooping ears, large brown eyes, and a long tail.
The Beagle slim coat is available in a variety of color combinations, including:

  • Orange and white
  • Lemon white
  • Tricolor
  • Chocolate three
  • White and chocolate
  • White and chestnut
  • red and white

On the other hand, the Yorkie is a small, well-proportioned dog with a long, silky coat that does not fall out. He has erect ears, a short docked tail, and round brown eyes.
Yorkie hair comes in three color combinations:

  • Black and gold
  • Blue and brown
  • Blue and gold
    Keep in mind that your Yorkie Beagle mix can inherit any number of coat combinations listed above. So get ready for different looks.


Care for Beagle and York depends on the type of coat inherited from their parents.
For example, a Beagle is easy to care for and only needs to be bathed from time to time. However, it needs to be brushed twice a week to avoid loose hair.
On the other hand, a Yorkie needs to be cleaned every day and take a bath once a week.
With hair very similar to human hair, York could have had a puppy cut, or his hair could grow to the floor!
The required care for him depends on his haircut.
While Yorkies are considered hypoallergenic, the Beagle is not.
Because of this, you should expect your Beagle Yorkshire Terrier mix to pull up a bit.
Your puppy also needs to regularly need nail cuts to keep them from breaking and cleaning his ears to prevent wax build-up and moisture build-up.

Lifespan and Health Problems

It is difficult to pinpoint the life expectancy and potential health problems of a Yorkie Beagle mixture because it is a cross between two purebred parents with different life spans and health problems.
The Beagle has a 10-15 year lifespan and is most often prone to glaucoma, patellar dislocation, central progressive retinal atrophy, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, chondrodysplasia, distichiasis, cherry eye, and keratoconjunctivitis dry.
On the other hand, Yorkies live 11 to 15 years and can be predisposed to hypoglycemia, Legg-Perthes disease, skin problems and allergies, retinal dysplasia, liver shunt, tracheal collapse, patellar dislocation, pancreatitis, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, and dental problems.
Remember that your Yorkshire Beagle puppy is suitable for treating any health problems that may arise from the health of his or her parents.
For this reason, you may want to consider an early checkup.
Early checkups can help you understand what your puppy may face in the future.
Remember, reputable Yorkshire Hound breeders can check their litter and provide you with certificates confirming that their dogs are healthy and free of problems.


The Beagle Yorkie hybrid is likely to be active and playful, just like its purebred parents.
He should be trained for 30 minutes to an hour a day, depending on his height and weight.
If your Beagle / Yorkie cross is medium-sized, like their parent Beagle, they should run for an hour every day and have enough time to play.
If your Yorkie Beagle mix is ​​a little smaller and haunts its Yorkie parent, give him about 30 minutes of decent exercise a day.
A short walk as well as playing in the courtyard should meet the practice requirements at this intersection.
Fortunately, training should be easy, as both the hound and Yorkies are smart and energetic.
Keep in mind that early training in socialization and obedience can help maintain the flexibility of the Yorkie Beagle throughout its life.
Also, keep in mind that the Yorkie breed is especially sensitive to tough training.

Dog For Home

The Beagle Yorkie hybrid is best for a home with a securely fenced yard and, if smaller, for a home with older and more respectful children.
However, this breed gets along well with animals and children and is rather frivolous.
He is both an excellent family dog and a companion for singles.
And it can be adapted to many types of home as long as its daily exercise needs are met!

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