Can Cats Eat Corn? What You Need to Know

For humans, corn is a common food source that can be combined with practically anything. But can cats eat corn? This is an important consideration since many cat food manufacturers use corn as a filler. But just because corn is safe for your cat doesn’t mean it’s a good choice for her.

Can Cats Eat Corn, What are the Benefits of Corn?

Yes, cats can safely eat corn. Your cat probably already eats corn regularly. Corn is an important bulking agent in commercial cat food due to its availability and fiber content.

The real debate, however, is whether cats should eat corn. Is Corn Good For Cat Health?

As already mentioned, corn contains a lot of fiber, which promotes digestion and regulates bowel movements. Adding some corn to your kitten’s usual food can help keep them feeling full longer and eat less.

Whole corn is also low in fat and can be used as a substitute for high-fat dishes. Refined corn oil should not be used because of its high-fat content.

Finally, corn is a good source of protein. The problem is that while this grain is high in protein, it lacks important amino acids. Because cats are carnivores, they need animal protein, which is rich in amino acids.

In summary, while corn is not toxic to cats, it has little nutritional value and is primarily used as a stomach filler.

Which Corn Snacks Are Best For Cats?


As you may have noticed, cats love popcorn. Popcorn is a delicious treat for humans, but not so much for your cat. Not to mention the spices and butter that can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Corn canned or frozen

Cats love canned corn because they can drink plenty of water while eating. You can also give frozen corn, but not when it’s still cool.


Are salty, and some contain spices, cheese, and preservatives that are dangerous for cats.

Boiled Corn

Cats prefer boiled or grilled corn. They are low in fat and contain most of the corn’s natural nutrients. Again, make sure the corn is unseasoned and only feed it in small amounts.


Sweetcorn, grilled or boiled without seasoning, should be safe.

How to Feed Corn to Cats

The most important thing about feeding your cat corn is that you feed it in small amounts and infrequently. Also, the corn should be served plain, with no additions such as butter, salt, milk, or spices unless otherwise noted.

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