Care & Health in Chinchillas

Chinchillas hardly need any help when it comes to grooming. If all the important furnishings are in the cage, the animals can take care of themselves and do it with pleasure.

Two things are indispensable for daily care: a sand bath and gnawing wood. The chinchilla’s beautiful, silky fur easily becomes greasy and shaggy. However, a daily sand bath can prevent this. The sand degreases the fur and strengthens the body’s insulating layer. It is best to put the sand bath in the cage for half an hour every evening. If left in too long, feces will easily soil it. The sand should be changed every 2-4 weeks. Such a bath is not only used for grooming but also reduces stress. It is important that you never bathe your animals in the water, no matter how dirty they are. A dry bath in the sand is enough for chinchillas, the furry rodents do not tolerate water at all.

Chinchillas are rodents and as such their teeth are constantly growing back. It is therefore essential to ensure that there are enough branches and gnawing wood in the cage. Then the animals can do their own dental care. If the chinchillas are tame, you can take a look into their mouths from time to time to check whether their teeth are in good condition. In addition to a sand bath and wood, chinchilla care really only requires a watchful eye. If you observe your animals closely every day, you will quickly notice when something is wrong.

The clean chinchilla home

Chinchillas are not only extremely undemanding in terms of daily care, but the cage also does not make any great demands on the cleaning staff either. The cuddly rodents only emit a little urine and feces, so the cage does not have to be completely cleaned too often. However, chinchillas don’t set themselves up. If they have to, then they have to, no matter where they are. The daily cleaning work, therefore, includes first and foremost sweeping off all seat boards. In addition, all damp spots in the litter must be removed. You should also clean the feeding bowl and nipple drinker thoroughly every day and remove dirty hay from the cage. Big cleaning is announced once a week. Now all the bedding is removed from the cage and renewed. The bottom shell of the cage can be washed with warm water and mild soap. The bedding from the sleeping cottage should also be renewed. However, leave a small amount of the old litter in the house, because of chinchillas like their own smell. Also wipe the bars with a damp cloth, as shed hair often collects there. Climbing branches soiled with urine must also be cleaned with warm water. Then let them dry well because chinchillas do not tolerate moisture.

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