Cat Drinks a Lot of Water and Eats Little

A cat drinking more water than usual is often unusual and is usually a symptom that something is wrong. If they are overweight and also urinating a lot, an average 10lb cat should be consuming around 180ml/day, which means something is happening and we should go to the clinic. An exception is heating when the animal must compensate for body temperature and fluid loss by increasing water intake, which is fairly typical for all animals. This can be the reason, especially when it comes to particularly active cats.

However, it is not normal for a cat to consume significant amounts of water on its own. Indeed, the animal should often be encouraged to eat as little as possible each day. This decline in cats is the result of their predecessors, the cats that lived in the desert and adapted to survive in this ecosystem. This does not mean that the cat does not need water to live, because we now know that due to the industrialization of food and further changes in the lifestyle of the domestic cat, drinking water is essential for a decent quality of life. However, it is typical for us to get startled when a cat suddenly drinks more water than usual. Therefore, at Animal Knowledge, we will talk about why and how your cat drinks a lot of water.

How Much Water Does a Cat Drink a Day?

First of all, the usual amount of water a cat should drink per day is crucial. To do this, it is important to know the cat’s routine and personality, as polydipsia (when a cat drinks more water than usual) and the resulting polyuria (when a cat urinates more than usual) are symptoms that cannot be ignored.

How Much Water Should a Cat Drink Per Day?

The typical water intake of a domestic cat is 45 ml/kg/day or about 2 to 4 ounces/day, which also increases the urine output; so if a cat is urinating too much, the water consumption has likely increased as well.

As this is often the animal’s first symptom, the veterinarian may decide to perform a series of laboratory tests to examine the cat’s urine and calculate the difference between water intake and what is excreted in order to make a better diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment can. Some procedures may require anesthesia and the insertion of a catheter through the urethral canal, which is why they can only be performed by professionals.

However, there is a method you can use at home to determine if your cat is drinking more water than usual. To do this, simply use a potion or use a separate meter to measure the amount you poured into the bowl at the beginning of the day and the amount you removed at the end of the day. Once you receive the payment, simply divide this value by your cat’s weight.

Contact the vet if the end result is more than 45ml per kilogram. Of course, you need to make sure that when using this strategy, your cat only drinks water from its bowl and not from other sources such as glasses, plants, faucets, etc. Also, if you live with multiple cats and they all use the same water bowl, the result will not be secure.

My Kitten Drinks a Lot of Water, is this Normal?

If you’ve just adopted a kitten and notice that he’s drinking too much water and also urinating too much, you should have your vet check for any of these disorders, including urinary tract infections. If the problem is caught early, the overall treatment will be better for the animal. And if, for example, diabetes or thyroid disease is diagnosed, the sooner daily diet and care are adjusted, the better, because there is no cure for these diseases.

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