Chipmunks Shouldn’t Eat This

Chipmunks are intelligent little rodents. You’ll quickly find out how to wrap your holder around your finger to get to your favorite food.

Unfortunately, this is not beneficial for the health of the squirrels in the long run. Nuts in particular are absolute treats for chipmunks and they can’t get enough of them. However, nuts contain a lot of fat, which is why they should only be fed in small amounts. Otherwise, Burunduks always try to get hold of their favorite seeds. Your persistence is required here. Only feed your squirrel again when the bowl is actually empty. But make sure you keep your Burunduk in stock. Also, change the composition of the feed from time to time to avoid specializing in a few seeds.

Unsuitable feed

It should go without saying that sweets intended for humans such as chocolate, biscuits, or sweets should not be placed in a chipmunk’s food bowl. Unfortunately, owners are always tempted to slip their oh-so-cute croissants a treat. While this may still be harmless in individual cases, the treats usually add up quite quickly and then become a health hazard. The high sugar content of sweets can lead to various health problems, e.g. diabetes.

Such damage usually only becomes apparent much later, e.g. B. in a shortened life expectancy, which is why many owners, unfortunately, think that their actions will have no consequences. It is also important that you pay attention to the production or expiry date when buying ready-to-feed mixtures. Feed that has been stored for too long contains hardly any vitamins, and there is also a risk that harmful germs or pests (e.g. the flour moth) have multiplied in the feed. For this reason, you should also refrain from buying food from open food bars.

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