Companion Dog Sport

The dog, regardless of body size and for what purpose, is only recognized and felt like a pleasant companion and companion of humans if it is characterized by obedience and does not disturb its environment.

Training for humans and dogs

Actually, the topic of “companion dog sport” is more than a meaningful leisure activity for humans and animals. The companion dog test should be just as much a must for every four-legged friend – regardless of body size – as school attendance for our children. After all, it’s all about teaching the four-legged friend the manners they need to avoid attracting unpleasant attention in everyday life. Surely every reader will remember situations in which even the greatest dog lover wished the four-legged friend to go where the pepper grows, when, for example, uninvolved passers-by were jumped on, cyclists completed daring maneuvers to escape angry dogs, supermarket entrances were blocked because adult ones St. Bernards in front of them were among others m. But one must not be angry with the dog. Owners who have not understood how to teach their animals the necessary obedience deserve justifiable anger. The disobedient dog often shows up where it was bought out of a thirst for recognition because the neighbor also has a four-legged friend. The result of false or exaggerated animal love is almost always an untrained animal.

Chihuahua need training too

Everyone is uncomfortable when they see a dog walking their master, pulling them back and forth, and doing whatever they want with them. On the other hand, how pleasant are animals that walk obediently at the side of their owner, that one can see enjoying the daily walk? Now one or the other will certainly claim that when it comes to training a Miniature Poodle or Chihuahua, one cannot speak of subordination, and will advocate that this is a privilege of the working dog breeds, and will find many arguments for his point of view. We believe submission is always the reflection of good discipline, especially obedience. It is a prerequisite for multi-layered training for a wide variety of areas of application. And that brings us back to companion dog training, which is offered by almost all dog associations and clubs and every good dog school.

He must also be good when left alone

He must sit and lie down on command and remain alone at the designated place until he is picked up again or called away. Outside the training area, the dog learns to behave properly among many people, he meets cyclists, cars and joggers or inline skaters, and of course other dogs of all sizes and genders. Even when left alone, he needs to know how to behave. The training is aimed solely at educating the dog in such a way that it doesn’t cause any displeasure to its environment and our four-legged friends don’t necessarily have to acknowledge well-disposed contemporaries: “But that’s a good dog!”

Clubs and schools should be checked carefully

You hardly need anything in terms of equipment or clothing that should not already be there. Logically, collar and leash for the dog, weatherproof clothing for the owner. For training on the pitch, you should wear sturdy sneakers that do not have smooth soles, otherwise, the same dress code applies that also applies to walks with your four-legged friend. Of course, the courses and exams are not free, so you should inquire beforehand and make some comparisons if necessary. It is also important to take a closer look at the location of what happened later. How is the tone? More like a barracks yard (then away quickly) or is it quiet? Are there several different dogs (different breeds and mixed breeds in a mixed bag) or is the club strictly geared towards looking after one breed? That too can cause problems.

The dog learns the rules of the road

With expert preparation, the companion dog test offers an extremely good opportunity to introduce our partner dog to these tasks and get used to them through targeted practice in the areas of obedience and behavior in traffic. It’s not just the dog that is trained here, the dog owner himself usually gains a different insight into the needs of the animal through the jointly developed test on the one hand, and on the other hand, he also learns to understand that there are situations in everyday life Together there are, which make a consistent leader of the dog necessary. For the reasons mentioned, I consider the companion dog test to be a desirable and worthwhile goal for all dog owners, regardless of the size of the dog.”

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