Elo Dog Breed

The Elo is the perfect family dog: fond of children, well-balanced and without a hunting instinct. Find out everything about the dog breed Elo here.

Elos are extremely popular pedigree dogs among dog lovers. Here you will find the most important information about Elos.

Size: 46-60cm
Weight: dog 35-45 kg, bitch 22-35 kg
Coat length: medium length
Coat colors: all colors
country of origin: Germany

Origin of the Elos

It’s been around 30 years since a breeder couple in Lower Saxony dared to create a new breed of dog. Marita and Heinz Szobries had been breeding Eurasiers and Bobtails for ten years. The Szobries couple knew the characteristics of “their” breeds very well and they decided: they wanted to breed a child-friendly family dog ​​and thereby reinforce positive characteristics of the Eurasier and Bobtail and suppress negative ones as far as possible. The name “Elo” (originally Eloschaboro) is composed of the letters of the most important parent breeds (Eurasier, Bobtail, Chow) and was protected by the Federal Patent Office.

For the first five years, Heinz and Marita Szobries were completely on their own. The results were impressive, but the demand for the puppies was relatively low because the new breed was still completely unknown. But gradually the first smaller articles about the Elo appeared and its level of awareness slowly increased. In 1993, the first additional breeder was added and the number kept growing: Today there are more than 130 Elo breeders! However, the breed is not recognized by the FCI.

Appearance of Elo

The body of the Elos is slightly longer than it is high, and the tail is carried curled over the back or at the side. The head of the Elos is round and broad, the muzzle is of medium length, and the forehead is well arched. They have small and round paws.

Fur and colors of the Elo

In principle, all colors are allowed, but there are preferred colors: pure white with brown, red, black, gray and/or spots of different shades is desirable. Preference is given to coat markings and the Dutch pattern, as well as an evenly spotted or piebald coat.
Nevertheless: A uniform appearance is secondary, the breeders were much more important from the beginning on the nature and health of the breed. The fur can be smooth or rough.

Temperament and upbringing of the Elo

Elos are ideal family dogs. An Elo also reacts with nerves of steel to screaming and raging children and should not be disturbed: Elo have a very high stimulus threshold and almost no hunting instinct. The Elo is balanced, self-confident, playful, fond of children and gets along well with other dogs. Elos are capable of learning and have therefore already proven themselves as guide dogs for the blind, diabetic alert dogs and therapy dogs. In addition, the Elo wants to please – the upbringing is therefore often uncomplicated.

Keeping and caring for the Elo

The coat of the Elo is of medium length and therefore easy to care for. The Elo should be brushed once a week and he sheds more twice a year. Thanks to its child-friendly nature and its instinctive security, the Elo fits well into any family model and is also suitable for owners who have a dog for the first time.

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