Cromforlander Dog Breed Profile

As one of the youngest German dog breeds, the Kromfohrländer breed inspires with its friendly and sensitive nature. The intelligent animals will also make your heart beat faster because the medium-sized dogs are extremely affectionate and willing to learn, and at the same time, it is a powerful and extremely athletic breed.

History of the “Cromforlander”

The history of the Kromfohrländer begins shortly after the Second World War. Ilse Schleifenbaum found an emaciated dog in the Krom Fohr valley near Siegen, which softened her heart and she took him home without further ado. She nursed him back to health and baptized him, Peter. Peter very quickly became Ilse Schleifenbaum’s faithful companion dog. According to assumptions, Peter may have been a Breton Griffon. Cynologists, on the other hand, have doubts about the assumption.

When Peter fathered puppies with the neighboring bitch Fiffi, a fox terrier lady without a pedigree, Mrs. Schleifenbaum was surprised by a litter of white-brown and, above all, healthy puppies. The cute puppies with their plush look found buyers very quickly. Since the breeding of pedigree dogs was greatly reduced during the war, Ilse Schleifenbaum decided to establish a new dog breed with Peter and Fiffi, and thus respond to the demand for loyal companion dogs. So Peter and Fiffi took care of litters with healthy puppies several times.

Ms. Schleifenbaum was supported by Otto Borner from Dortmund. The family friend was the managing director of the Association for German Dogs. Although there was initially only a single breeding line, which also led to inbreeding. Nevertheless, the “Kromfohrländer” breed, named after the place where it was found near Siegen, was officially recognized by the VDH in 1955 and the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) also recognized the new breed shortly afterward.

Today, the inbreeding problem is counteracted in the Kromfohrländer breeding. The gene pool has already been successfully and promisingly expanded by crossing “Dansk-Svensk Gârdshund” and the breeding base. Nevertheless, the friendly and people-oriented Kromfohrländer is a breed that is still bred within a manageable framework. Around 200 Kromfohrländer puppies see the light of day in Germany every year.

Essence and Character

With its affectionate and friendly nature, the Cromforlander is suitable both as a family dog ​​and if you are looking for a loyal companion dog for a single or senior household. The charming animals of the quite young breed are amazingly adaptable and extremely willing to learn, so you can train them relatively easily. On the one hand, the Cromforlander proves to be an extremely sensitive roommate, but you shouldn’t underestimate him, because he is also spirited and extremely life-affirming, as long as he is allowed to be near “his” people.

However, representatives of the breed are elegantly reserved towards strangers, because the dogs do not give their trust lightly. But once you have won the heart of a Kromfohrländer, they form a very close bond. This means that the charming fur noses do not like to be left alone. They much prefer to be always and constantly at the side of their confidants. If this is the case, a “Kromi” inspires with its cheerful nature and refreshing nature and likes to amuse its roommates.

Acquisition of a “Cromforlander “

If you are considering getting a Kromfohrländer and you want a Kromfohrländer puppy to move in with you, then you must be aware that dogs of the breed do not like to be alone. The Kromfohrländer dog is robust and affectionate, making it the ideal family dog ​​or the ideal dog for singles and seniors who want a constant companion at their side.

With an appropriate upbringing, it is also not a problem if you involve the fur noses in your activities. However, if you are looking for a dog that you can easily leave alone for several hours, then you should refrain from the Kromfohrländer. Even if a dog of the breed bothers you a little, it cannot and does not want to do without attention and so you should only rely on the breed if you can really find time for joint activities and the fur nose does not have to spend an excessive amount of time alone.

What Do I Need to Pay Attention to When Purchasing?

The be-all and end-all of a Kromfohrländer is its socialization. Accordingly, Kromfohrländer puppies should already live within a family and be exposed to a wide variety of stimuli. This is always the case with good breeders. It is also worth taking a closer look at the pedigree, as the breed suffers from the consequences of inbreeding due to a long-closed studbook with decades of standard breeding. Thanks to the breeding association’s cross-breeding project, puppies from one of the new lines are much more robust with regard to hereditary diseases.

Reputable breeders can also provide interested parties with a corresponding genetic health test of the parent animals. If you are interested in a puppy, you should contact a breeder at an early stage and take a look at the environment and the parents. Since only around 200 puppies are bred in Germany each year, you may have to wait a while for “your” Kromfohrländer. Use the opportunity to clarify open questions with the breeder, because he knows his animals best and can give you valuable tips along the way.

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