Degus Move In

Once the enclosure is in place and set up, the degus can move in. Until then, however, everything has to be well prepared.

Since the transport for the degus and the possible preceding separation from their previous group is associated with considerable stress for the animals, it is important that they find everything well prepared in their new home. Therefore, you should fill the feeding bowls before your fosterlings arrive and the nipple drinker should contain water. The enclosure should also be completely furnished in other respects so that no conversion work is necessary once the animals have moved in. Be sure to place the enclosure in its final location, because moving the enclosure after the degus have moved in causes stress that could have been avoided.

Transporting them home If you buy your degus from a pet store, they are usually packed in special cardboard transport boxes. However, these can hardly withstand the teeth of the animals and are only suitable for very short transports. It is, therefore, better to use special transport boxes (fauna boxes) that can also last longer distances. The purchase of the box does incur additional costs, but they can also be used for later transport, e.g. B. to the vet, are used. They also do a good job as an isolation ward for sick animals. And last, but not least, socialization can also take place in them, which is why the purchase of such a box is definitely recommended.

Arrived at home once your degus have arrived at your place, they first need some rest in order to find their way around and settle down in their new environment. Loud music, noise, or shouting are extremely annoying during this time and cause enormous stress. In the first few days, patience is the top priority. You should give your new roommates at least a day of rest to relieve the stress. During this time you should not reach into the enclosure except for the daily water and feed, as this also causes unnecessary stress. Wait until the degus have taken possession of their new home and seek contact with you. Only then can you approach them carefully. In this way, it is usually very easy to build a relationship of trust with the animals. In order to make it easier for your new addition to the family to settle in, it is advisable to take some bedding from the old enclosure with you and put it in the new accommodation. It also helps the animals to take some of the previous food with them and only slowly switch to the new food

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