Delicious Cooling: Ice Cream for Dogs

When the mercury in the thermometer rises above 30 degrees, pretty much everyone craves a little cooling off. Of course the dog too! When we lick our portion of ice cream with relish, our four-legged friend has to watch with wide eyes, because ice cream with its sugar and fat content is of course not suitable for dogs. If you still want to treat your pup to something fine from time to time and want to spoil it a bit in high summer temperatures, you can try the dog ​​ice cream! It is made in no time and offers delicious licking fun.

Small portions of ice cream are allowed

First of all: You should only feed dog ice cream very, very sparingly and sporadically. Dogs should never eat anything ice-cold, otherwise, stomach problems are inevitable. Therefore: Always give only a mini portion, in the case of particularly sensitive four-legged friends in a “thawed” form, and only from time to time. Pleasant side effect: Then it remains a very special treat! It is best to use an ice cube mold for the dog ice cream, which allows you to make very small cubes. Now and then you can give your dog one of these cubes, as long as he tolerates it the first time and didn’t get diarrhea or stomach ache.

This is how it works: homemade dog ice cream

What’s in the molds now? Of course, no milk and cream, as with our ice cream, because only very few dogs tolerate both. But you can always freeze a little plain yogurt sweetened with a spoonful of honey, for example. Or some chicken broth! Your puppy loves to lick it. Also great: Put small treats in the mold and fill it up with water. The dog then licks away the ice cream to get the fine bite. If your dog is a fruit fan, you can also freeze a carving apple, a piece of banana, or a strawberry. This cools you down and is also a great activity! Of course, you must not use grapes or raisins, these are harmful to the dog.

Freeze the toy

For puppies who would do anything for their favorite toy, you can “cover” a foam rubber ball with a thin layer of ice, for example. Put this in a bowl with some water and freeze it. Of course, the toy has to be big enough not to accidentally end up in the dog’s stomach when licked. You’ll see: Your little one will look for a shady spot with enthusiasm, enjoy his treats – and cool off wonderfully at the same time. Enjoy it!

Please remember to subtract the food in the ice cream cake from the daily dose.

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