Barbecue Leftovers Can Kill Dogs

Many dog ​​owners let their pets participate in the barbecue season and share steaks and grilled sausages with their four-legged friends. However, you are not doing your dog any favors by doing this; in the worst case, you are putting your dog’s life in danger.

Dangerous food for four-legged friends

The smell of juicy steaks and grilled sausages wafts through the gardens again. One person’s joy, the other’s sorrow: Because at the same time, emergencies are increasing in veterinary practices: Dogs with massive vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation are presented on Mondays, especially after nice weekends.

Bone splinters cause internal injuries

Bone splinters pierce intestinal walls like needles. Food particles get into the abdominal cavity and lead to dramatic inflammation. Large amounts of bone clog the intestines and prevent the passage of the mash. The dog can no longer defecate. If the four-legged friend catches dangerous food, the veterinarian can make the dog vomit with a syringe one to two hours after eating.

The striking dog has to go to the vet as soon as possible

If the dog has problems with defecation due to constipation, one tablespoon of vegetable oil can be given per ten kilograms of body weight in cases of doubt. If there is also vomiting, the pet owner must then visit a veterinarian at the latest. The best prevention is to stop feeding bones altogether, especially if the dog hasn’t had any bones to date.

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