Do Your Dogs Need Sunlight?

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Have you ever seen your beloved dog lying in front of the door and taking sunbath? It’s a common view as almost all of them love to bask in a sunny spot in your sweet home. But is it just all about feeling good or vitamin D is necessary for them too just like humans?

You will be amazed to know that dogs enjoy sunbath for some medical reasons too. So today, we will discover how much sunlight is perfect for your beloved pet dog.

Why Do Dogs Lay In the Sunlight?

We all love sunbathing, isn’t it? What is the definition of a Paradise? Sunglasses on, a beautiful warm towel is available on the pleasing sandy ground; your favorite suntan lotion is applied on your buttery skin and the breathtaking view of a local beach. Your skin starts feeling heavenly after receiving a healthy dose of much-needed Vitamin D.

So as a dog owner you need to understand that dogs not only feel good under the sun but they also need this great source of Vitamin D. They love sunlight not only because it helps them to regulate their body temperature, but also they like to stay warm.

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Sun rays breakdown oil in the skin of your beloved doggy. As a result, your doggy gets the right amount of vitamin D3 that helps to have healthy bones, nerves, heart, and muscles.

This much-needed sun rays also regulate their sleeping schedules, and your doggy can sleep and rest without any hassle.

Now the question is how much vitamin D3 or sunlight is required for him?

How Much Vitamin D3 Needed For a Dog?

We all know that Vitamin D is also recognized as a pre-hormone. You will be amazed to know that your beloved friend cannot even absorb calcium without sun rays. So, you can easily understand its importance.

Dogs keep Vitamin D in their liver and body that helps them to regulate and balance phosphorus and calcium. Apart from that, Vitamin D is also crucial for muscle and bone formation, as well as nerve control.

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So if you are having fun with your dog outside, you have to make sure that he gets enough sunlight for at least 30 minutes to 2 hours every day. It solely depends on your friend’s energy level. You can easily understand this after exposing him in sunlight.

On the other hand, if he is at home, don’t forget to open your shades so that he can play happily. Dogs are friendly in nature. So usually they don’t prefer to stay in a dark place all alone.

Sometimes dog owners get confused and worried about the possible dangers of sun rays. Don’t worry! We will check this out too.

Can Sun Rays Be Dangerous For Dogs?

Well, the answer is yes! Too much sunlight can be dangerous for them as it can cause sunburn or even skin cancer. If your dog is a hairless breed or if he is a light-colored or a thin hair puppy, then too much sunbath can cause him getting sunburn.

So if you are outside with your precious puppy, don’t forget to carry a shade. You can use it whenever you need it. Along with that, sometimes dogs face dehydration problems. Hence you should carry water as well.

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People sometimes forget their dog when they are busy with the outside world. Never leave them outside when you are not available to take care of them. Even if he is playing alone, you should check him up frequently and try to listen to hear his voice.

In this situation, if he wants to come back, he will scratch your door, and you will quickly understand that your friend is back.

Doggies are intelligent too. So you can easily install a fascinating doggy door so that he can inform you when he comes back. Apart from that, a doggy sunscreen can help him to stay outside for a long time. These useful sunscreens also protect your doggy from sunburn.

So the best way to take care of your dog is to take him on a long walk or spend some time with him at a park or a beach. Keep in mind that if you love to spend time in the sun, your dog loves it too. The only difference is they cannot express their feelings directly. But as a dog lover, you will certainly understand his need.

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