Can Your Dogs Eat Pizza?

Dog begs for pizza
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It’s Friday night, and you decide to eat out instead of making dinner. You’re craving some cheese, so you place a call to order a large box of pizza with extra cheese toppings. The delivery comes, and you settle down on your couch to watch a movie as you eat with your best furry friend by your side. You want to share your meal with him because he keeps sniffing around your fingers. The big question is, is it safe to feed him pizza?

Pizza is a go-to treat for many people around the world. It is almost impossible to list the world’s most popular foods and not include pizza. It comes in various crust sizes, toppings, and ingredients used. Regardless of race, time zone, and class, pizza is a delicacy that has found acceptance worldwide.

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So, you’re at a loss whether to feed your dog pizza. It looks like he really wants it, and nothing in the world would make him happier than his own pizza slice. You already know that your dog shouldn’t eat some foods, but you’re not sure if pizza is included. Let’s find out whether pizza is good for your dog or not. Read on!

What is Pizza Made From?

Pizza can be traced back to Italy. In the 1700s, this delicacy was taken as flatbread with herbs and oil toppings. Over time, as people evolved, better ways to eat this delicacy were discovered. Pizza is now made from cheese, flour, mozzarella, and tomato sauce, amongst others, and enjoyed as a treat worldwide.

Puppy and pizza

Can Dogs Eat Pizza?

You probably think that regular, everyday ingredients are used to make pizza, so they shouldn’t pose any harm to your dog. Well, you’re terribly wrong. Dogs should not be fed pizza at all. It doesn’t matter whether you take away the toppings and give him just the crust. The bottom line is this: Pizza is harmful to your dog, and he should not eat it at all. Keeping your dog away from a pizza treat can be quite tricky, but you should try as much as possible not to feed him pizza.

Why Should My Dog Not Eat Pizza?

Most dogs will devour a good looking meal, and pizza is definitely good looking. However, some of the ingredients it contains can be harmful to dogs.

Pizza contains garlic and onions, and the intake of these two can be very harmful to your dog. Excess consumption of garlic and onions can cause severe stomach upset, hemolytic anemia, and other severe illnesses, and these illnesses may lead to death after a while. That’s something to factor into consideration.

Dog begs for pizza

High sodium content, particularly from the salt contained in pizza, can cause high blood pressure, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and heart diseases. Most dogs are lactose intolerant, and cheese could trigger vomiting and uncontrollable diarrhea for them. Your dogs can’t talk – so they’ll eat basically anything, as long as it smells good. This is where you come in. Keep them safe from food that can harm them.

Pizza also contains processed meats, and studies have shown that processed meats contribute to the risks of cancer, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases in humans. In the same vein, pizza can cause these diseases in dogs and other animals too.


Of course, these aren’t all the ingredients in a slice of great pizza, but even those not mentioned are not likely to be fit for your dog’s consumption. Pizza offers no health benefits to dogs and should not be given to them. If you’re looking for great snacks to keep your favorite pet healthy and strong, get something else. Pizza should not be any option at all.

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