Dog and Heat: 5 Tips for the Summer

Dogs suffer from the heat. Read here how you can help your dog through the hot summer days.

Large dogs groan under their own body weight in the heat. The tiny creatures are panting because their lungs are being filled with exhaust fumes instead of oxygen. Follow these simple rules to help your dog cope with the summer heat.

Avoid the heat at midday with your dog

Let your dog doze off the heat of the midday hours. Wherever possible, give him a cool, shady spot where he can stretch out on all fours on earth or greenery and survive the heat in a relaxed manner.

Daily brushing will help the dog in the heat

Long-haired dogs in particular have a hard time wearing their fur in the summer heat. Daily brushing thins the undercoat and allows air into the body. Beardies and other long-haired breeds can also be clipped, making them fitter and providing relief in the heat.

Avoid city tours with a dog in the heat

When it’s hot, the smog stays close to the ground. Dogs in particular, whose nose breathes exactly at the exhaust level of the cars in busy areas, are extremely stressed. In hot weather, be sure to postpone walking your dog until the hours after a heavy thunderstorm or rain, as this clears the air and binds the exhaust fumes.

Heat and exercise for the dog

When it is hot in summer, jogging, wild games with other dogs, agility or dog sport training, racing or running next to the bike are only permitted as long as the thermometer shows below 20°C. If the pillar rises above it, take your walks either on forest paths (must be kept on a lead!) or on beaches or shores where a cool breeze blows. Kneipp and swimming cures are even better.

Tip: When it’s hot, move your dog’s trim time to the early morning hours. Because the night has cooled the ground and air and the dew creates a good climate for the lungs.

In the heat, prefer light food for the dog

You can also support your dog in the heat with the right nutrition. When it is hot, you should provide the dog with small portions and easily digestible meals. A digestive nap follows. This relieves the circulation and keeps the dog fit and in a good mood.

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