Dog Doesn’t Want to Go For a Walk Anymore: You Can Do That

Many owners have already experienced that their own dog is reluctant to go outside. You can read here why this is and how you can make your dog want to go for a walk again.

Actually, every dog is looking forward to going for a walk with its mistress or master. But it may also be that the dog does not want to go for a walk. It doesn’t matter whether it happens suddenly or slowly – if he doesn’t want to go outside anymore, something is wrong.

We give you six reasons that can be responsible for your dog not wanting to go for a walk. Read here what tips you can use to encourage him to go for a walk again.

After bad experiences, the dog no longer wants to walk

If your dog no longer wants to go for a walk, it may be that he has had bad experiences outside. For us humans, it is often not obvious what scared our dog. Now it is important that you give your dog security.

The best way to do that is by

  • Don’t let your dog know you’re concerned. Try to use relaxed body language.
    convey to the dog that there is nothing to worry about.
  • If you exude confidence and security, your dog will know that he can rely on you and will be more relaxed when he goes for a walk.

Tip: There are special safety harnesses for anxious dogs. The pressure is distributed better over the body and they are considered to be more escape-proof than collars or ordinary dog harnesses.

Pain and illness slow down the dog

Health problems can also be the reason why your dog does not want to go for a walk. Especially in old age, certain health problems, such as arthrosis, become noticeable in dogs.

So if your dog refuses to go for walks, a visit to the vet is always advisable. In the case of short-nosed breeds, for example, possible breathing difficulties make the walk a torture. Caution is also required with older dogs: Make sure that you do not physically overtax your senior dog.

Tip: Find out if your dog refuses to walk because of pain. There are very clear signs of pain in dogs.

It’s too hot for the dog outside

Some dogs are overwhelmed by high temperatures and would rather avoid the blazing sun. Take this into account! The solution to this is to simply take several smaller walks. When the sun isn’t shining brightly, early in the morning or late in the evening, you can try walking your dog a little longer again.

Also, plan enough breaks for your dog to offer him fresh water to drink. In this way you prevent your dog from overheating and give him the pleasure of the walks again.

Rain, snow, and cold

Not only older or sick dogs often refuse to leave the house in cold temperatures. The combination of wet and cold can also be dangerous for certain dog breeds. Short-haired dogs with no undercoat and short legs are particularly at risk of hypothermia during the cold season.

If your dog is freezing outside and therefore reluctant to go for a walk, you should definitely equip it with special dog clothing. When your dog is no longer cold, he will certainly be happy to go for a walk with you again.

Afraid of the dark

Some dogs are not comfortable being outside early in the morning or at night. This is often due to the fact that the affected dog has weak eyesight and sees poorly in the dark. Help your dog by simply taking a flashlight with you. Illuminate the path so that your dog can clearly perceive its surroundings again.

Also: always leave your dog on a leash so that it can always orientate itself towards you. This gives him additional security.

Bored while walking

The fact that your dog no longer wants to go for a walk can simply be because the known routes are too boring for him. Think about it: Does your dog get the opportunity to sniff there often enough and do you meet other dogs often enough?

For example, you can provide more variety when going for a walk with search games or integrated training units. Also: Do you pay enough attention to your dog during the walk? If you’re always on the phone or doing other things than your dog, that can also bore him.

Enjoy the time with your dog during the walks together. So your dog can enjoy the walks again.

What to do if the puppy doesn’t want to go out?

It’s even common for puppies to be reluctant to leave the house. Puppies instinctively have a limited radius, as they don’t want to stray too far from safe home. With age, this also gets bigger.

If the puppy absolutely does not want to leave the house, you must proceed slowly: gradually introduce him to the unfamiliar environment. Carry your pup a little way from home and reward him with a favorite toy, for example. It’s also important that you don’t overload your puppy when you go for a walk – this can also discourage him from going for a walk.

Signs the dog is not having fun

Even before they don’t want to go for a walk anymore, dogs show during the walk that something is wrong. We’ll show you how to tell if your dog is uncomfortable on a walk.

If he exhibits these behaviors, you should act quickly to prevent your dog from not wanting to walk anymore.

1. Tensioned line

If your dog is constantly pulling on the leash, something is wrong. This can be a clear sign that your dog is unhappy and either wants to get the walk over as soon as possible or doesn’t want to go any further.

2. Physical Signals

If your dog is overwhelmed by the current situation, it will yawn frequently, lick its lips repeatedly, look around frantically, pant excessively and eat grass intensively. If he shows this behavior while walking, something is wrong.

3. The dog is not concentrating

If the dog no longer responds to your signals when you walk it, you may think that your dog is distancing itself from you. It doesn’t have to be. Your dog may be unfocused outside and too nervous to follow your words.

4. The food test

Whether your dog accepts food can be an indication of whether he is feeling well at the moment: offer him familiar food during the walk. If he doesn’t accept it, your dog may be under stress and therefore not wanting to eat.

Consult a professional dog trainer if you can’t figure out what is causing your dog so much stress when walking. He can provide you with individual behavioral tips. So you and your dog will soon have a lot of fun walking together again.

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