Dog in The Big City

A dog in the big city? It doesn’t really go together. If you decide to buy one anyway, there are a few things you should consider.

Problems with the city dog

If you live in the center of a big city and still really want a dog, then there is only one solution for you: move to the country or at least a suburb. A dog is not made to complete its daily walk in the shopping mall. Let’s not even talk about what traffic noise does to his sensitive ears. And you won’t enjoy being yelled at regularly by city dwellers just because your dog sniffed at them. Maybe he relieved himself under the tree in front of your apartment building. Yes, where else if it’s the only green for miles around? A dog’s life in the city is really no fun.

Even if you live right next to a large park that at least guarantees the animal enough exercise, you will more often meet people in a city who don’t like dogs because of the population density. Whether you understand it or not, you have to at least accept it and make sure that these people are not bothered by our dogs.

Consistent education required

Train your dog carefully and consistently. In a city full of people, a command must not just be a “suggestion” to the four-legged friend. If he doesn’t obey, sooner or later he will become a danger to himself and/or others.

If you see people who – for whatever reason – seem unsettled at the sight of your dog, call your pet over before the passer-by asks you or starts screaming hysterically. Firstly, you give a positive dog owner image, secondly, you demonstrate how well your Wautzi can follow, and thirdly, you spare your nerves.

Please remove the dog poop

Of course, you should also clear away your dog’s legacies, you don’t like stepping in dog poop yourself. In many cities, machines with the appropriate bags have already been set up. You should always have a plastic bag or something similar with you, just in case. Take your dog for a trip into the countryside and let the dog smell the scent of the wilderness. No matter how large the park, a dog wants to discover new paths and gain new impressions, otherwise, its soul will wither.

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