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The dog’s name needs to be well thought out when the puppy moves in. Because, as with us humans, the name presumably sticks to the dog for its entire life. Many breeders already make it easy for themselves in a certain way. For the first litter, the so-called A-litter, they often only give names that start with A. The second mating or the second litter then begins with B and so on. But the name that the breeder chooses does not always meet their own taste. A few considerations for the best dog name.

The Right Length

Although names like “Carl Theodor zu Guttenberg”, “Doctor Snuggles” or “Mr. Schimanski” are extremely creative and certainly attract attention, the length of the call will inevitably mean that the dog has to remember a second name. Because the name is guaranteed to be abbreviated within a very short time.

Tip: Dog names that get by with one or two syllables are ideal for retrieval. “REX” or “Os-car” should serve as an example.

Must Match the Appearance

Certainly not a must, but a dog name should also roughly match the dog breed. A “Benny” might still fit for a Labrador, for a 70 kg Rottweiler another name would certainly be more suitable. In addition to the weight and size, you can look up the name

  • weight and height
  • intelligence
  • curiosity
  • humor

classify A particularly alert and intelligent dog, which then gets “Hein Blöd” or “Detlef” as a nickname, somehow doesn’t go together. You should also keep in mind with a puppy that it is always small, cute, and cuddly at first. Also, consider whether the name is suitable for the dog when the animal is fully grown and the cute impression has given way to a stately dog.

Fantasy Dog ​​Names

Unlike human names, there are no limits to creativity. At the latest with the film adaptation of the Lord of the Rings, names like Aragon or Game of Thrones names like “Nymeria” are often the first choice. Also, classic fantasy heroes like “Merlin” are not uncommon. However, if you inherit the name of a dire wolf from your dachshund, it will probably provide more amusement. The names Ghost and Greywind immediately evoke certain associations (strength, fearlessness, courage, bravery) and the connection to the film animals is immediately present.

You can also create your own creations, such as “Arabanis”, and “Hägris”. Make sure your fantasy dog ​​names are euphonious, easy to call and work with few syllables. If you choose a long name, you should be able to shorten it to 2 syllables.

Movie Names for Dogs

There are numerous film dogs that are namesakes for other animals.

  • Beethoven – Comedy of the same name from the 90s
  • Cujo – St. Bernard from Stephen King’s film of the same name
  • Four – from the animated series of the same name
  • Hachiko – The particularly loyal dog from Japan from the film of the same name
  • Lassie – Maybe a bit dated but still well known
  • Rex – The shepherd dog from the TV series Commissioner Rex

You wouldn’t be the first to find a dog movie name so beautiful and appropriate that your own puppy wouldn’t get that name too.

Use Foreign Language Names

If you are looking for foreign-language and exotic dog names, you will find a very large selection with us.
So dog owners can choose their name to match the origin of the dog breed. Because if you keep a Japanese dog breed, for example, you might want to give your animal a Japanese name. Not only the famous name Hachiko is ideal for this. Many great names are waiting to be discovered in foreign-speaking countries. Below are a few examples:

Japanese names:

  • Akina (w) – means “spring flower”
  • Chinatsu (w) – means “thousand summers”
  • Hachiko (m) – means “eighth child”
  • Kioshi (m) – means “quiet”

African names

  • Fiola (w) – means “snowflake”
  • You (w) – means “protector”
  • Chaka (m) – means “The King”
  • Jitu (m) – means “The Giant”

Foreign names often have a deep meaning and are therefore particularly suitable for people who want to integrate a trait or other characteristic of the breed into the name. These wonderful names can also serve to process experiences or as a reminder.

No God

There are also burned first and last names, which have been immortalized in the history books, for example, through particularly terrible deeds. These names often fall below the waistline and the line of what is still tolerable.

“Fridge” never was and never will be a pretty dog ​​name. Objects as shown in the example make it quite clear that you can only be wrong here.

Find Dog Names

In our dog magazine, you will find thousands of first names for puppies and dogs. We try to track down all common names from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas so that you can find the largest selection of dog names with us. Have a look and click through.

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