Dog Nutrition: Small Sins are Allowed

When it comes to dog nutrition, the motto is: Small sins are allowed. But what and how much can the dog really snack on?

Dogs are also allowed to snack from time to time – but only if the basic nutrition is right. It must be ensured that your dog absorbs all the important nutrients in the right amount simply through daily feeding. Read here how you can give your dog a little treat without risking health problems.

What can be snacked on?

It is important that the dog does not eat any harmful food. This also applies to small treats that are rarely fed. Human food is often too flavorful for a dog’s stomach. That’s why we only recommend treats that are specially made for dogs to spoil your four-legged friend. With the right ingredients, you can also prepare dog biscuits yourself.

Which treats you choose depends on you and your dog’s tastes, of course. Treats made for dogs have the advantage that you can often see the ingredients in detail.

How often can the dog snack?

Even if your dog is allowed to be spoiled every now and then, you should generally be sparing with the treats. Dog owners often lose track of how much they have actually given the dog. Treats are real calorie bombs: if the dog gets too many, it can quickly become overweight.

Tip: Put the right amount of treats for your dog on a plate in the morning. Only feed this amount throughout the day. If the plate is empty, it will not be refilled. In this way you automatically get a feeling for how much you have really already fed and keep track of things.

Show love in other ways

Even with dogs, love goes through the stomach. But you can also show your love for your dog through playtime together or through other things to strengthen the bond with him. Because spending time with the owner is often the greatest gift for dogs.

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