Rules for Children

Most children love dogs. In order for this enthusiasm to last a lifetime, you should explain to the offspring in good time how dogs “tick”.

This is how children should behave

Dogs play a very special role for children: in dealing with them, they learn responsibility, care, friendship, and consideration. But the right behavior when dealing with the dog needs to be learned. The VDH has published the brochure “12 rules for dealing with dogs”. The golden rules are, therefore:

  1. Never disturb a dog while it is eating. Don’t try to take his food away from him.
  2. Never run away from a dog. Even if you’re afraid of him!
  3. No dog is like the other. So be careful with any dog.
  4. When playing with a dog, be careful not to get too close to his teeth.
  5. If a dog grabs you, hold still!
  6. Never try to separate fighting dogs.
  7. Avoid anything that a dog might perceive as a threat.
  8. Don’t stare straight into a dog’s eyes.
  9. No matter how nice a dog looks – only go to him if his owner has given you permission!
  10. Don’t pull the dog’s tail or step on it!
  11. Make sure an adult is nearby if you want to play with a dog.
  12. Treat a dog well.

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