Dogo Argentino: All-Rounder with a Strong Will & Charm

The Dogo Argentino is originally descended from Molossers and Great Danes. Although this dog is extremely fond of its people and children with appropriate socialization and training, keeping and leading it requires a high level of dog expertise. The breed also belongs to the so-called list dogs.

From hunting dog to all-rounder

The Dogo Argentino is a young breed, which was created by crossing mastiffs with so-called fighting dogs. The founder of the breed, Antonio Nores Martinez, intended to create an “all-rounder” that would be a good hunting and guard dog, while also being a family dog.

In 1928, Martinez developed the first standard for the Argentine mastiff. The experiment was a success in his homeland: the animals are valued as house and guard dogs there. The goal of breeding is to create animals that are friendly by nature and at the same time healthy, which are socialized as best as possible by the breeder

Nature of the Dogo Argentino

The large white dogs are good-natured and friendly but tend to be dominating. Because of this, they need a sovereign “pack leader” whom they fully trust. With good socialization and consistent training, Dogo Argentino is also suitable as a family dog.

Great Danes can become aggressive towards other dogs, especially when they meet dogs of the same sex. Dogo Argentino has an independent character, doesn’t like to be subordinate, and wants to take control. If the upbringing is successful, they are lovingly devoted to their owner and his family and prove to be loyal companions and protectors.

Training and keeping of the Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino is an athletic hunting dog. Socialization must begin with the breeder and continue seamlessly in the new home. Due to their independence, strength, and tendency to dominate, the animals need loving but consistent and strong leadership. It is important that you and the dog develop a trusting basis. Visiting puppy lessons and a dog school are highly recommended.

The sporty four-legged friends need sufficient physical and mental activity, they love hidden object games and nose work. They also like to go jogging or do dog sports. Ideally, you should offer your Argentinean Mastiff a large home with an escape-proof garden. She immediately knows how to use weaknesses in her upbringing, which can be dangerous. Due to the size and power of the Dogo Argentino, children living in the household should be a bit older.

Care of the Dogo Argentino

The dog’s coat is absolutely easy to care for. It is enough to brush it two to three times a week, daily during the molt.

Peculiarities of the Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino is prone to deafness due to its white coat color. In addition, as with many large dogs, there is a tendency to have joint dysplasia. Don’t let an adolescent Dogo Argentino climb stairs just yet, and wait until the animal is an adult before starting dog sports.


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